35 Creative Christmas Meals That Made A Splash On Social Media

Published 4 months ago

Christmas is not just a time for festive decorations and exchanging gifts; it’s also a season when culinary enthusiasts around the world showcase their skills in the kitchen. In a recent online celebration of gastronomic creativity, people shared their extraordinary Christmas meals that went beyond the traditional fare.

From exquisite roasts to decadent desserts, these culinary masterpieces prove that some individuals have truly raised the bar when it comes to crafting unforgettable holiday feasts.

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#1 Vanilla Cupcake Wreaths With Chocolate Peppermint Ganache

Image source: BabyCakesBakeryyy

MDPratt : “They are pretty and delicate.”

#2 “Up” Gingerbread House

Image source: therealhlmencken

Lady Gypsy Rain : “If they had painted the support dowel white, it would’ve enhanced the final project. But, honestly amazing as is.”

#3 A Simple Definition Of Christmas

Image source: letsbakesby

Madre_Dr4gnZFly : “I love these snow globe cakes and the little hedgehog is so cute.”

#4 Here’s The Completed Snow Globe Cake. A White Chocolate Chiffon Fresh Cream Drip Cake, Butter Cookie Decorations, And A Crystal Sugar Dome That Took Years Off My Life. Merry Christmas

Image source: petrichoro

Ziggyc : “Wow..that’s talent”

#5 Gingerbread Imperial Star Destroyer

Image source: alfosn

parmadillo : “It’s not wise to upset a cookie.”

#6 This Christmas Focaccia Was Definitely, Not A Waste Of Thyme, Sage Or Rosemary

Image source: Typically-lost

SydneyGirl : “Dammit, mine will only have rosemary. My red will be cherry tomatoes. Southern hemisphere Christmas”

Michael Walker : “Looks beautiful, I wouldn’t hesitate to cut into this one”

#7 I Made A Van Gogh Gingerbread House

Image source: IndigoSalsa

Madre_Dr4gnZFly : “Impressive!”

Patricia Smith : “Love this, and your Vincent is now my boyfriend.”

#8 First Attempt Ever At Royal Icing And Flooding. Not Perfect, So I Think The Melted Snowman Cookies Were The Right Choice For A First Project. They’re Authentic Looking

Image source: querencia34

NapQueen : “They are perfectly imperfect <3”

el nechi : “What do you mean “not perfect”???? They’re incredible!!!”

#9 My Attempt At A Cupcake Wreath For My Son’s Preschool Staff

Image source: rubyredrising

Jude Kay : “Your “attempt”???!! You have a WINNER!! Looks like ribbons. Exquisite!”

Laura Williams : “Teacher should be very appreciative for the time you took to do this I hope you get a ton of love.”

#10 Snowy Chocolate Pinecones

Image source: cravingcrafts

Madre_Dr4gnZFly : “That’s skills!”

pineapple87 : “I tried making these last year, could not get the cereal to stick to the marzipan.”

#11 Ordered Some Sprinkles On Etsy And Made These Door Cookies With Wreaths

Image source: Rb011389

Madre_Dr4gnZFly : “These are cute! Something different.”

#12 I Used Pomegranate Arils To Make Christmas Trees On The Side Of This White Chocolate Pomegranate Cake, And It Turned Out So Cute

Image source: thefloralapron

Me : “So simple, so beautiful!”

#13 My Grandma’s Christmas Cookies

Image source: kartoffelfee

Manic Mama : “Can your Grandma adopt me? I’m housetrained & everything!”

#14 Christmas Cake With Festive Decor

Image source: a.bite.of.heaven

Alicia M : “I really like this. Great piping.”

#15 I Also Made An Apple Pie For Christmas. And Wanted Someone To See It

Image source: tafunast

Auntriarch : “Perfect: almost too good to eat (but not quite 😁)”

#16 I Baked This Book Stack Chocolate Christmas Cake. It Is 100% Edible

Image source: Jesuka

Itinerant Wanderer : “I love books, and therefore….”

#17 Christmas Tree Canapés. I’m So Ready For All Things Festive

Image source: fancyplantsfoodie

Me : “That’s the only thing on this list I might be able to finish myself”

#18 I Made A Gingerbread House From Scratch. All Edible

Image source: viktor72

Marjorie Macrae : “After all that work to produce it, I wouldn’t want to eat it, just look at it.”

Patricia Smith : “I’d love to live in this beautiful house just for the holiday and eat my way out!”

Irishwoman abroad : “You can really tell they thoroughly enjoyed creating this 😍”

#19 Happy December Everyone. I Made This Charcuterie Wreath

Image source: makefoodlovely

Auntriarch : “Makes notes…”

Oskar vanZandt : “Lovely centre piece…”

#20 Got A Mandolin For Christmas So I Made Ratatouille

Image source: shagawaga

Cé Vi : “This is not Ratatouille, this is Tian provençal, nom d’un chien !”

#21 Since You Guys Loved The Wreaths, Here’s Another Simple Royal Icing Technique

Image source: Owlbbaking

#22 Christmas Rubik’s Cube

Image source: Newbee_3000

Linziaj : “Beautiful”

#23 Christmas Cake With Something Cute

Image source: letsbakesby

Ms.GB : “It’s really cute. I would learn to do fondant but I like buttercream so much better. Fondant always looks immaculate though….”

#24 Christmas-Themed Macarons. Hope Santa Likes It

Image source: hotdogs-r-sandwiches

Patricia Smith : “Macarons are time consuming and difficult to bake. And to have so many colors and flavors. . . I’ll bet there’s a huge, delicious macaron feast at your house at Christmas time!:

Alicia M : “I love the snowflake ones.”

#25 Festive Salmon In Puff Pastry

Image source: madamevorger

PrettyJoyBird : “Mouthwatering”

Sleestak : “This is my first choice for eating on this list. It’s also very beautiful!”

#26 I’ve Been Thinking What To Cook For Christmas This Year

Image source: brightercook

#27 We Have A Running Joke With My Friends That I Only Cook Hotdogs. I Hope They Enjoy Their Christmas Cookies

Image source: Giblet15

Patricia Smith : “Clever! And a lot of work! I hope that your friends do appreciate your efforts. Looks delicious, especially the ones with the slaw.”

#28 I Made Santa Macarons Today. Filled With Nutella Buttercream

Image source: Gibby5683

Kel_how : “For the life of me, I cannot make good macarons! These are adorable 🥰”

#29 Every Christmas Eve, I Make Julia Child’s Queen Of Sheba Cake With Chocolate Almond Pine Cones

Image source: SpeakerCareless

#30 Christmas Tree Snack Board

Image source: flybyknight665

#31 Christmas Strawberry Santas

Image source: FoodieSamreen

#32 A Cheese & Olive Christmas Tree

Image source: train_spotting

#33 Santa’s Bag

Image source: anna_murz

#34 When Your Santa Sugar Cookies Come Out Looking Like Southpark

Image source: wzs2101

#35 Christmas Recipes: Rabanada (Brazilian French Toast) Stuffed With Salted Caramel

Image source: curitibahonesta

Madre_Dr4gnZFly : “It looks good and I love caramel, but I just don’t get the appeal of salted caramel.”

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