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Popular Objects Made Of Church-Like Stained Glass

Published 7 years ago

The evils of consumerism is not the newest of topics, but London-based artist Laura Keeble has found a new way to talk about it. She makes church-like stained glass sculptures featuring pop art.

In this project Laura explores the connections between consumerism and the simple objects or brands that we make almost sacred: “No matter what culture we originate from this thought that an object can have such divine powers as to control a situation externally from itself has thrived for centuries,” says the artist. “Antique stained glass coming from church windows really gives the idea a weight and authenticity but also discusses the idea of an object having magical, sacred properties. It becomes a relic in its own right.”

Before stumbling upon stained glass, Laura experimented with all sorts of unusual sculpture materials from cotton to copper coins. Her most famous work being the “For the Love of God” skull’s replica with 6522 Swarovski crystals.

More info: laura keeble (h/t: hifructose)

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