20 Miles of Multicolored Ribbons Fall From Grace Cathedral‘s Ceilings In Art Installation by Anne Patterson

Published 10 years ago

Artist Anne Patterson has hung a magnificent installation of multihued ribbons from the arched ceiling of San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, where she was the 2013 artist-in-residence. The piece, called “Graced With Light,“ was inspired by sacred music and uses 20 miles of ribbon with colours so marvelous that they seem to come right out of the cathedral’s stained-glass windows.

The installation, which combines colour, light, projection and music, is already known for its therapeutic effect. If you don‘t mind laying down on the cathedral‘s pews, you‘ll feel as if the shinning ribbons are reaching for you straight from heaven to lift up your spirit.

You have until the 28th of February to visit the cathedral and experience it for yourself.

Source: gracecathedral.com

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