30 Clever Solutions For Regular Problems, As Shared By People Online

Published 2 years ago

We come across so many different problems every day and we don’t always have the right tools to fix them. In that case, most of us try to find an alternative solution. Sometimes, that alternative solution turns out to be so good that it becomes a life hack.

Who doesn’t love a hack that minimizes efforts and time? Today we have gathered some innovative solutions and product designs that make things easier or more efficient, shared by people all over the internet.  Scroll below to see some practical and creative hacks and share some of your own in the comments below. And if you want more ideas, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 Thailand Supermarket Ditches Plastic Packaging For Banana Leaves

Image source: Mothership.sg

#2 These Tables At My College Campus Use Solar Panels As Shade, Which In Turn Provide Power For The Charging Ports On The Table

Image source: Gadevin

#3 This Parking Lot Has Lights Showing You The Empty Spaces. Genius

Image source: JiveMonkey

#4 This Picnic Table With An Extension For Wheelchair Users

Image source: cothhum

#5 Home Office Busy Light – WiFi Enabled LED’s In Door Jam Linked To My Work Calendar, When I’m In A Meeting It Goes Red And The Kids Know They Can’t Come In

Image source: rjcamz

Yellow is for knock first, green for coming in for a chat/draw on my whiteboard

#6 This System Allows You To Know If The Package Has Been Handled Correctly

Image source: shelchang

#7 These Benches That Turn Into Tables

Image source: hotforhotpie

#8 My Hotel Phone In Iceland Has A Special Button That Will Wake You Up If There Are Northern Lights In The Sky

Image source: KristjanHrannar

#9 If You’re Bored At The Baltimore Airport You Can Learn CPR

Image source: Jaws_V_The_Return

#10 This Railing On Gazebo In Naples Has Braille Describing The View For Blind People. More Of This, Please

#11 This Duck Ramp

Image source: JawsGoneWild

#12 This Korean Snack Has Two Notches On The Bag, So You Can Open At The Second Notch For Easier Access In The Later Stages Of Snacking

Image source: cnostaw

#13 Extra Long Scissors For Wrapping Paper

Image source: denrae-

#14 This Restaurant Puts A Mesh Net Over Your Lemon So When You Squeeze It, No Seeds Get In Your Food

Image source: alikat538

#15 My Park Installed Outdoor Workout Equipment Facing The Playground

Image source: vidat13

#16 This Pickle Jar Has A Little Handle Attached To A Basket That Makes The Pickles Easier To Retrieve

Image source: BallSaxophonist

#17 My Microwave Has A “No Beep” Setting

Image source: blr0067

#18 This Post Office Has A Helpful Size Guide If You Want To Buy A Box

Image source: hesapmakinesi

#19 Sink Area Designed For Drying

Image source: reddit.com

#20 This Park Has A Tiny Water Fountain For Dogs

Image source: pie_ella

#21 You Can Sit At The Ends Of This Picnic Table

Image source: Cosmos_Cawboy

#22 Seems Like A Good Time To Finally Show Off The Spice Rack I Built

Image source: StickyMustache

#23 My Eye Doctor’s Office Uses Laminated Forms And A Wet Erase Marker To Cut Down On Paper Use

Image source: jack-of-some

#24 Movie Theater Tells You If There’s A Scene Near The End Of The Movie

Image source: IConsumeLead

#25 Traffic Light For The Jedi. In Ukraine

Image source: imgur.com

#26 Books-A-Million Puts A Slip Of Paper Under The Stickers On Their Books To Prevent Sticker Residue Being Left On The Covers

Image source: cynbad719

#27 My Bracelet Came With A Paper Clip To Help Fasten The Clasp

Image source: nomoredolls

#28 Tinder’s Warning To The LGBTQ Community

Image source: foxociety

#29 This Shopping Cart Has A Spot For Kids To Stand On While The Parent Pushes

Image source: zOneNzOnly

#30 This Elevator With Foot Pedals For Floor Selection

Image source: Crackmacs

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