30 Hotels That Surprised People With Their Simple Yet Genius Solutions

Published 3 years ago

With a global pandemic on our hands and vaccinations only slowly starting to roll out, the farthest many of us can travel to is the nearest grocery store or a local park. And while we all wait for the travel bans to be lifted, today we have something that will remind you of the times when you could freely travel wherever and whenever you felt like it without having to worry about any deadly viruses.

Travelers are sharing all of the amazing things that surprised them during their hotel stays, and you’ll be surprised by the lengths that some hotels go to just to ensure their guests feel welcome. From funny towel animals to little robo-butlers, check it all out in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous post here!

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#1 Blessed Hotel Staff

Image source: RustyBertrand

#2 I Asked The Hotel If I Could Bring My Cat. This Is What We Arrived To

Image source: DocCaliban

#3 Awesome Hotel Gesture

Image source: JenAshleyWright

#4 When Your Hotel Staff Go The Extra Mile

Image source: alexlmlo

#5 Towel Animal Left By The Hotel Staff

Image source: OyeSimpson

#6 This Hotel Gets It

Image source: CrazybyRX

#7 This Hotel In Singapore

Image source: mtlgrems

#8 Simplistic Light Switches In A Hotel

Image source: ardakerem

#9 I Ordered Snacks From Room Service And They Sent A Refrigerated Robot Butler To Deliver Them

Image source: jmill90

#10 This Checklist From A Hotel

Image source: ultimoze

#11 My Hostel Has A Bed For Charging Your Mobile

Image source: Nikko012

#12 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has A Monitor Lizard That Roams The Grounds And Swims In The Pool

Image source: c08306834

#13 Out Hotel Room Is Inside A Giant Aquarium With Sharks, Mantas And Stingrays Swimming About

Image source: KietyFate

#14 Hotel Door Signs: Do Not Disturb And Please Clean Room

Image source: lespies

#15 Missed Out Camping This Year, So I Asked For A Tent In My Hotel Room

Image source: InGordWeTrust

#16 The Pillows In My Hotel Are Labeled For Preferences

Image source: Vat1canCame0s

#17 Instead Of A Bible, My Hotel Room In Philadelphia Has The Constitution And Declaration Of Independence

Image source: lives4summits

#18 The Shower At My Hotel Has A Flow Meter To Know How Much Water You Use, Ice Cap Is Melting And Polar Bear Disappears If You Use Too Much

Image source: nashtor

#19 This Hotel I’m Staying At Provides A Phone That You Can Take Out With You. It Has Unlimited Mobile Data As Well As Free Calls

Image source: Sir-Jarvis

#20 My Toilet In The Japanese Hotel I Stayed At. You Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush

Image source: richiethestick

#21 My Hotel Room Came With A Rubber Ducky For The Bathtub

Image source: ryanbeljan

#22 My Hotel Had Exit Signs Near The Floor, Presumably For When You Are Crawling On The Floor To Avoid Smoke Inhalation During A Fire

Image source: dicec

#23 This Hotel I Stayed At Had One Dark Washcloth To Prevent Makeup Stains

Image source: WantedDadorAlive

#24 Old Bank Was Transformed Into A Hotel, They Kept The Vault As A Meeting Room

Image source: WoollyMonster

#25 The Elevator Load Limit Sign In My Hotel

Image source: CplRicci

#26 The Alarm Clock In This Hotel Has Three Displays So You Can See The Time Without Moving While Lying In Either Of The Beds

Image source: thinksInDownvotes

#27 This Hotel I Stayed At Has A Billiards Room Through A Secret Door Behind This Bookshelf

Image source: bobert_the_wise

#28 This Little Sign Under The Bed In My Hotel Room That Lets You Know They’ve Cleaned Under There Too

Image source: awils429

#29 This Hotel I’m Staying At Has The Shower Shelf Accessible From Both Inside As Well As Outside

Image source: achilliesFriend

#30 My Hotel Has A Marker To Point Towards Mecca

Image source: The_Gingersnaps

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