30 Self-Absorbed Wealthy People Caught In The Act Of Displaying Their Privilege

Published 10 months ago

In the vast realm of social media, a spotlight occasionally shines on the antics of self-absorbed wealthy individuals, revealing a stark contrast between opulence and empathy. 

The following list of posts shows just how deeply out of touch some wealthy folks are in actuality. So dive in as we peruse these online platforms and hold a mirror up to those who flaunt their affluence without consideration. 

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#1 Mommy Letting Her Children Sit On The Edge Of The Cruise Ship’s Balcony During Crossing. She Got Removed From The Cruise And Claimed She Was Being Victimised

Image source: ladysman_untrue

#2 Rich Woman Dumping A Broke Man Due To Not Taking Her To A Fancy Restaurant, But An Applebees

Image source: beerbellybegon

#3 This Kid Jealous Of His Mom Getting A Car

Image source: snowmanfrigs

#4 I Am Very Rich And I Call People Out For Wearing Fake Shoes And Mock Their Financial Status

Image source: eng.Ali

#5 When The Bubble You Live In Has Thick Walls

Image source: FabianStwart, twitter.com

#6 Face Of Entitlement

Image source: Man_v_machine

#7 Rich People Love That Inheritance

Image source: BadDadHanSolo

#8 It Sounds Like Someone Needs To Either Stop Playing Or Get Anger Management

Image source: Paradigmfusion

#9 A Friend’s Family Never Use Up Their Toilet Rolls

Image source: DutchBakerery

#10 This Is Ridiculous. Rich Folks Seem To Think They Are Above The Law

Image source: AJ+

#11 Ah Yes, Christmas Is Ruined Because Of The Wrong Phone Color

Image source: AlexleHoshi

#12 Rich Kids Problems

Image source: efucc

#13 When Entitled Jerk Park Like This

Image source: Internet_Is_A_Lie

#14 The Audacity

Image source: lixanthippe

#15 The Water In My Infinity Pool Evaporated By A Couple Of Inches, So It Just Looks Like A Regular Pool

Image source: al666in

#16 Blue Jays Player Was Mad Because The Flight Attendant Won’t Clean Up After His Kids

Image source: AnthonyBass52

#17 Everything Is Legal If You’re Rich Enough

Image source: boopyouonthenose

#18 Spoiled Brat

Image source: brolome

#19 A Work Of A Spoiled 15-Year-Old Girl. Reason? She Got This Phone Instead Of An iPhone

Image source: Rumci

#20 Spoiled Brat On Twitter

Image source: NotVincenzoo

#21 Spoiled Brat Wrecks His Car Because It Wasn’t The One He Wanted

Image source: reddit.com

#22 The Caviar They Served Me On My Last Flight Didn’t Even Come With A Proper Spoon To Eat It With. Do I Look Like Some Kind Of Savage Who Would Use A Silver Spoon?

Image source: ericchen

#23 Our Helicopter Pilot Got Us To The Game Too Early, And We Had To Wait 15 Minutes In The Cold Before We Could Get Into Our Suite

Image source: Lugozi

#24 Kylie’s Instagram Story Straight After She Cried About Koalas Dying. Her Slippers Are Made Of The Mink Fur

Image source: evabrium

#25 And Unfortunately, I Did

Image source: jim_jordo

#26 The Flight Attendant Brought Out My Entree Before Replacing My Fork From My Appetizer, So Now I Have To Wait A Moment Before I Can Begin Eating

Image source: Lugozi

#27 Not What I Asked For

Image source: richkidsnap

#28 Never Grateful

Image source: SunBlue

#29 What Kinda Rich Do You Have To Be To Use A Samsung Z Fold 3 As A Stand To Use Your iPhone 13

Image source: defastdecurious69

#30 Only The Best For My Tush

Image source: richkidsofsnapchat

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