Cloud Of CO2 Fills German Town After A Truck Accident

Published 8 years ago

What are those low hanging clouds? That’s actually a part of 22 tons of CO2 that spilled out into the streets of Mainz. It was all the result of faulty valve on a truck that was carrying the CO2 to a sprinkling wine factory. The truck driver tried to close it, but had to retreat after receiving frostbite.

The local residents were immediately advised to stay inside and above the ground floor as the emergency services cordoned the area. While CO2 is normally a part of the air we breathe, at high concentrations it can block the absorption of oxygen which can eventually lead to death. Firemen with breathing apparatuses entered the area to check on people and look for any CO2 concentration patches, since the gas tends go for lower places.

(h/t: thelocal, swr)

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