20 Company Logo Changes Left Some People A Little Disappointed

Published 3 years ago

Wanting some change in your life is completely normal. And it doesn’t always have to mean something serious, like a change of career or the city you live. Sometimes simple changes like a new haircut or a new jacket can be more than enough. Even big companies like to undergo little changes every once in a while! However, while you can simply grow out your hair or return the jacket if you don’t like it, the big companies often get stuck with questionable changes for good.

A little while ago, a Twitter user Liz Franczak shared a photo comparing the old Warner Bros logo to the new one, criticizing its appearance, and it did not take long for her post to go viral. Soon enough people started sharing more examples of companies that updated their logos for the worse, and you’ll quickly see how most of them completely lost all of their charm. Check out all the companies whose updated logos left people disappointed in the gallery below!

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#1 Burger King

Image source: Burger King

#2 Pringles

Image source: Pringles

#3 Gmail

Image source: Gmail

#4 Holiday Inn

Image source: Holiday Inn

#5 Staples

Image source: Staples

#6 Warner Bros.

Image source: Warnerbros

#7 J.m. Smucker

Image source: J.M. Smucker

#8 Starbucks

Image source: Starbucks

#9 Nickelodeon

Image source: Nickelodeon

#10 Petco

Image source: Petco

#11 General Motors

Image source: General Motors

#12 Google

Image source: Google

#13 Bmw

Image source: BMW

#14 Wendy’s

Image source: Wendy’s

#15 Pepsi

Image source: Pepsi

#16 Olive Garden

Image source: Olive Garden

#17 Mountain Dew

Image source: Mountain Dew

#18 Best Western

Image source: Best Western

#19 Hellofresh

Image source: HelloFresh

#20 Wawa

Image source: Wawa

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