3D-Printed Snack That Grows Its Own Mushroom Filling

Published 9 years ago

3D printing is surely going to revolutionize the art of getting things and knickknacks you don’t really need. But a plucky young food and concept designer named Chloé Rutzerveld wants to see a 3D printed snack that grows before you eat it. Called Edible Growth, it’s still a concept, but the idea is to print an individually designed  shell that contains spores, yeast and seeds. After five days, the mushrooms and plants mature, and yeast fermentation turns the solid insides liquid. And here you go, a healthy snack. You’re very literally eating a garden.

“Because at this point, companies only succeeded in printing sugar sculptures, chocolate and other unhealthy sweets, transforming product A in product A with a different shape.” Clara writes on her website. “My aim was to use this new food technology in a useful way to create natural, healthy, sustainable and nutrient rich food that can not be made with traditional production methods and contributes to our and the environments wellbeing.”. She also agrees that this is just a very early concept and the true future of 3D printed food – one that would also save on transportation costs – is still quite far away.

Though I’m sure we can already start printing potato chips. None of us would notice the difference.

More info: chloerutzerveld.com

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Some tasty pictures first, then – the video!





Non-edible 3D printed prototypes





3D-printing with living organisms “could transform the food industry” from Dezeen on Vimeo.

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