These Girls Mistake Costco Cashier For Maui From ‘Moana,’ Here’s His Reaction

Published 6 years ago

Rela Riviera’s daughters get excited every time they go to Costco, and if you asked them why, they, without any hesitation, would tell you that the reason for their joy is Maui from Disney animated film ‘Moana’ who works there.

Okay, the character didn’t drop his demi-god duties and step out of the screen to start a career in retail, but Costco cashier named Will, who works in Kapolei, Hawaii, is probably the closest you can get to looking like the animated hero the kids love so much.

“Will, featured in this video, also does character appearances as Maui for parties and previously at Aulani Disney resort,” explained Riviera before thanking the guy for being such a champ and going along with it each time they come around. Scroll down to see the video of his adorable reaction that brought such delight to the little girls.

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Rella Rivera and her two daughters often go shopping at the local Costco in Kapolei, Hawaii

“Each time my daughters come to Costco, they search for the “real life” demi-god, Maui”

This is the guy they’re looking for

He is a lovable character from the movie ‘Moana’

And… they found him! A local guy named Will who also does the character for kid’s parties

Not only that, he also had the best surprise for them!

People reacted with glee to Will’s kindness and fun-loving nature with the kids


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