24 Creative and Unusual Manholes

Published 14 years ago

If you think that manholes covers are made only to protect pedestrians from falling in – think again. Not only it is a perfect material for doing art, it could be  also used for advertising (because if you can think of something, then it has been already used in advertising.) However, using a manhole to imitate a coffee is definitely not a good idea.

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1. Hellhole

How many more lives will cost $1.25? Please call 010-62357575 to report manhole cover theft so we can put an end to this. (Beijing Municipal Administration Commission)

2. A Crocodile eating a Capitalist

Somewhere in Brooklyn, NY, USA (Image credits: CC Chapman)

3. Dirty Mouth?

(Orbit ad)

4. Teleport

Probably taking to the land down under.

5. 108

Manhole cover painted by 108 in Milan, Italy.

6. Ancient Manhole

Ancient Roman sewer grate made out of lime sandstone, 1st century AD, excavated at Vindobona. (Image credits: Gryffindor)

7. Deer

(Image credits: somenametoforget)

8. Flowers

(Image credits: strikeael)

9. Fish

(Image credits: mag3737)

10. Apples

(Image credits: mag3737)

11. Corns

(Image credits: mag3737)

12. Duck

(Image credits: mag3737)

13. Houses Decorated With Flowers

(Image credits: prepreet)

14. Face of a Child

(Image credits: kimfaires)

15. Balls

Painted manhole cover in Matsumoto, Japan (Image credits: jpellgen)

16. Neya Gawa

(Image credits: JanneM)

17. Sculpture

(Image credits: Let Ideas Compete)

18. Water Is Precious, Let’s Conserve It

Water conservation campaign in Dublin.

19. Another Sculpture

(Image credits: Dogs New Clothes)

20. Chinese Runners

(Image credits: unknown)

21. Fireman

(Image credits: unknown)

22. Prisoners

“Thousands are held prisoners for their beliefs in places worse than this. Write until you free them all.” (Amnesty International campaign)

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Warsaw, Poland

23. Folgers Coffee

They are probably trying to tell us that their coffee smells like the steam coming from the manhole. Seriously, what were they thinking?

“Hey City That Never Sleeps. Wake up.” Folgers coffee campaign.

24. Fail

A horrible fail, or a very creative artwork. (Image credits: unknown)

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