Netizens Shared 20 Things That Are Creepy As Hell But Still Perfectly Legal

Published 12 months ago

Have you ever come across something that gave you the chills, but then realized it’s actually perfectly legal? Well, you’re not alone. Folks online have been sharing their experiences with creepy things that are surprisingly within the bounds of the law.

While these things may give us the creeps, it’s important to remember that they are not necessarily harmful or illegal. It’s always a good idea to do your research and know the laws in your area, but sometimes even the seemingly creepy things are perfectly legal.

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#1 Child beauty pageants.

Image source: Linux4ever_Leo, UrbanPromise

#2 35+ year old people, Who wait for months until someone turns 18 to hit on them.

The day they turn 18, they are in their DM’s, etc.

Why is this creepy? Because they are predators and trying to seduce (read: manipulate) someone who is adult by law, but pretty much still a child. And if the law allowed younger, then they would do it.

Image source: GoodAlicia, Karolina Grabowska

#3 Groping women for up to 10s in Italy.

Image source: bigbadler, JÉSHOOTS

#4 Tabloid journalism, speculating random BS things about famous people off creep photos from paparazzi, speculating about health, relationships, etc… even going so far as to doctor photos just to sell the story they want.

Image source: Piemaster113, Pixabay

#5 Exploiting your kids for fame on social media.

Image source: worldworn, Pixabay

#6 Filming the scene of accidents while emergency health care is being delivered.

Image source: Numerous_Share7920, Tom Fisk

#7 I babysat for this couple that had a 3 and 6 year old. They both still breastfed. They were pretty normal otherwise. I don’t even mind extended breastfeeding. Like the 3 year old was whatever. Seeing that 6 year old pull down her Mother’s shirt and latch was creepy.

Image source: lightteenagerbaby, MART PRODUCTION

#8 Making those websites that count down to, usually female, celebrities turning 18

Image source: killersoda275, Tranmautritam

#9 The fact that Epstein’s client list hasn’t been released

Image source: Grimmer097, Pixaba

#10 Knocking on someone’s front door to sell them something, talk about religion, collect charity etc.

Image source: StirtNutz, Suzy Hazelwood

#11 Sitting beside someone in a bus/train when there are multiple available seats.

Image source: Jackofnotrade5, Ketut Subiyanto

#12 Children modeling. The industry is creepy and bad.

Image source: BlooGloop, jonas mohamadi

#13 Divorce lawyer here. People fighting like mad to get the dog in the divorce and then turning it over to a shelter out of spite. Although now in CA there can be SERIOUS consequences for doing that due to recent law changes about pets and divorce, but it wasn’t always that way.

Image source: The_GSD_Whisperer, Pranidchakan Boonrom


The fact that google, Facebook and Elon Musk can buy the whole internet and that’s not considered monopoly

Image source: bgbhj32

#15 The Trade Federation blockade around Naboo

Image source: prehistorikmayne, W. R. van Hage

#16 My friends dad took us to the gym when we were kids. There was a line of like 30 treadmills with only one person, a lady on the end. He proceeds to pick the only treadmill adjacent to hers. Lol even as a kid I was like cmon man

Image source: shipskelly, Denys Gromov

#17 Paparazzi

Image source: Delicious-Let8429, Brett Sayles

#18 Marrying a child is legal in 40 US states.

Image source: woodwog, Caio

#19 Taking photos of strangers

Image source: cloudtdaz, DSD

#20 Really specific, but this is my job, so I know about it. In the EU there is a lot of restrictions on how you handle animals for research (Directive 2010/63/EU).

Image source: distilledwill, Ellie Burgin

But there is no restrictions on the kind of animal DATA you use for research, as long as you didn’t collect the data from living animal subjects in an EU member state.

So you can USE data that was drawn from animals living in the most appalling conditions and in contravention with any and all animal welfare standards and its perfectly legal.

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