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20 Products That Are “Criminally Overpriced” According To Folks

Published 6 months ago

Global recession seems to be a hot topic these days. So, we thought we’d explore the current cost of living. Turns out that a lot of folks feel big businesses are exploiting people in various ways. This could be through market monopolization tactics, manipulation of supply and demand and in some cases just overpricing of goods way beyond what should be ethically acceptable.

So, what are a few items of purchase where greedy companies are totally exploiting people to make maximum profit? The people have spoken and we’ve selected some of the most popular responses to compile the following list. After all, knowledge is power and if we want to change something, first we need to educate ourselves and hopefully it will lead to the change we want to see in the world.

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Image source: fegigo2527, Vlada Karpovich

I know everybody is going to give better answers, but for the life of me, I cannot understand why suitcases are so expensive.

They’re just plastic shells, a zip and some wheels, yet they sell for hundreds.


Image source: Fuzzy-pig, Julia Avamotive

Bottled water. Seriously it’s water. Turn the tap and it’s free.


Image source: MissMona1121, Brett Sayles



Image source: No–Platypus, Nataliya Vaitkevich



Image source: Frigididator, cottonbro studio

Human pharmaceuticals. My dog needed a chelation medication that my vet specifically said was on the pricy side but recommended a pharmacy that she worked with. I called with prescription in hand, and they quoted $3,000+ for a month’s supply. Then the rep stated they accidentally read the cost for humans. Dog cost was actually $60. Same dosage, same pill count, but adding chicken flavor and putting a little dog on the label dropped the price 98%.


Image source: Beard341,

College books.


Image source: BluebirdSea3787, Erik Mclean



Image source: irishrelate, Karolina Grabowska

Feminine sanitary products. Or just products targeted towards women in general. Especially in the US, I never realised how much women there were paying for pads until I visited family there. Might as well use dollar bills as pads at this stage.


Image source: smut_troubadour, Josh Sorenson

Airport food and drinks. $7 for a granola bar. $6.95 for water. $22 for beer. $17 for a chicken wrap. $9 for trail mix. It’s criminal.


Image source: _my_troll_account, SHVETS production

Mental healthcare.


Image source: timnbit, IT services EU

Ink jet cartridges.


Image source: Tsquare43, Brent Keane

Anything with the word “wedding” attached; photographer, cake, etc.


Image source: Scottfos72, K8

Eyeglasses. Because of a blatant monopoly.

“Luxottica controls 80% of the major brands in the $28 billion global eyeglasses industry….” (Forbes)


Image source: smilesam, Sahej Brar

Inhalers. I have a cr**py high deductible plan and pay $220 a month for something I need to breathe


Image source: dumbname2727, Christina Morillo

Ticket website service fees!


Image source: Overall_Sandwich_671, Golnar Sabzpoush Rashidi

Adobe software.


Image source: nodberto7, Lucas Santos



Image source: WindInMyLegHair, Kelly Sikkema

Baby formula, if you can find it.


Diapers should NOT be this expensive especially considering how often they’re used.

Image source: TraditionalTwo2365


Image source: pureshores86, Chris Hardy

Anyone Christmas shopping right now might notice how ridiculously expensive kids toys are.

Shanilou Perera

Shanilou is a free spirit in the world on her own journey. She believes that we need to heal the world like Michael Jackson said and that all the world's a stage like Shakespeare said. She believes we all have a role to play in making the world a better place and hers is on a beach island with a tropical climate; at least for the moment!

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