25 Times The Groom Could Have Dressed Better For The Wedding

Published 2 weeks ago

Once upon a time, the traditional white dress was the much-favoured choice for a bride. However, nowadays you see some unique and creative options walking down the aisle which is great as a change of pace. 

Indeed, times are a-changing. So much so that some wedding grooms have taken a more laid-back and novel approach to their dress too. These men have decidedly ditched the expectation of being decked out in their finest as they slipped into comfy shorts and crocs for the happy nuptials as you can see below. 

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#1 This Is My Dad When He Married My Mom. I asked him, “Why were you dressed like this to the wedding?” and he said, “Your mom invited me to the wedding, but she didn’t tell me whose.”

Image source: Solopeerless

#2 Another Case Of A Groom Being Underdressed At His Own Wedding

Image source: rjab98

#3 It’s A Good Movie But At Your Wedding?

Image source: BeccsADoodle6

#4 The Groom And His Groomsmen Had An Interesting Take On Attire

Image source: TechLover89

#5 A Kid From My High School Got Married In A Discount Tire. Looks Like The Groom Didn’t Even Try

Image source: AnalogSpy

#6 Monster Energy Drink Flowed Freely At This Wedding

Image source: crazytombananapants

#7 Why Even Bother?

Image source: simplex117

#8 Utterly Gobsmacked Over This Groom’s “Very Normal” Wedding Outfit Choice

Image source: abitneurotic

#9 The Bride Made An Effort, While The Groom Did Not

Image source: ikilledthepromkween

#10 She Looks Great. Him? Not So Much

Image source: reddit.com

#11 These Two People I Went To High School With Got Married Today, And This Was Really The Groom’s Fit. I’m Crying

Image source: memetazaa

#12 Not Exactly A Shotgun Wedding But

Image source: imconfused23

#13 The Bride Was Prepared And The Groom Wore This During His Vows. Stains And All

Image source: lavender_dreams95

#14 We Drove 3 Hours All Dressed Up To Reach A Wedding, Only To Find The Groom In His T-Shirt And Jeans

Image source: gounder

#15 Yes, That’s The Groom Wearing Crocks And Shorts

Image source: wh3r3ar3th3avacados

#16 The Groom’s Idea Of Dressing For The Occasion

Image source: margnaheglish

#17 What Kind Of Wedding Is This?

Image source: mdnnnsph

#18 The Most Redneck Wedding In Southern History

Image source: dwimback

#19 Groom’s Shirt. It Looks Like He Doesn’t Want To Be There

Image source: thepanichand

#20 The Bride Was Beautiful, And Her Dress Was A Stunner. The Bridesmaids Top Notch, And The Groom… Well, That’s Southern Maryland For You

Image source: reddit.com

#21 Husband Showing Up To The Wedding Like This

Image source: nfasis

#22 The Groom’s Whole Outfit Really Took Me Out

Image source: cametobemean

#23 How Is The Bride Okay With This

Image source: EllywickTippletoe

#24 “The Wedding Was Simple But Memorable” Is An Understatement This is a girl I went to school with. She’s 20? 21? And already has two kids with this guy, and they just tied the knot.

Image source: quinnaves

#25 What Kind Of Wedding Is This?

Image source: reddit.com

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