35 Weddings That Were So Bad, Folks Called Them Out On This Dedicated Group

Published 1 week ago

A wedding isn’t just another event—it’s a grand celebration that demands meticulous planning, time, effort, and money. Unfortunately, when things don’t go according to plan, there’s often an outspoken relative ready to voice their opinions. Nowadays, people aren’t just sharing their complaints in person; they’re taking them online too. 

From poking fun at the groom’s hairstyle to nitpicking the venue’s decor, nothing seems to escape the scrutiny of online wedding critics. In fact, there’s even a whole subreddit, r/WeddingShaming, dedicated to tearing apart everything from decorations to music choices and even the bride and groom themselves. Take a scroll through some of the latest posts in the community to witness some truly wild wedding drama.

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#1 Surprise! A Pregnant Alien Officiant

Image source: Euphoric_Switch_337

Szzone: Seriously, wtf. Unless this is normal for their friend group and the young couple enjoyed themselves. But otherwise wtf

#2 I Have No Words For This… Absolutely Heartless

Image source: eatblueberrypancakes

#3 I Feel Like I’m Missing Something That Makes This Cute

Image source: [deleted], x.com

#4 Vegan Bride Bans All Omnivore Guests From Wedding

Image source: Historical-Composer2

#5 There’s A Time And Place To Be This Trashy, And It’s Not At Your Wedding

Image source: meliza-xx

Little Wonder: Thanks, I hate it.

#6 Guests Must Wear Yellow, May Not Speak Aloud

Image source: QuoteDifficult6319

#7 You Must Go Into Debt To Be In My Wedding

Image source: Delicious-Midnight11

#8 Moh Too Busy Texting To Watch The Ceremony

Image source: MelancholyMember

Little Wonder: Shop her out, move the others forward. i say that like I have any photoshop skills.

#9 From A Wedding Group, Bride Is Mad Because No One Has Sent Gifts Yet

Image source: Appropriate_Oven_213

Hphizzle: Run, son, run as fast as you can. She wants a wedding, not a marriage.

#10 Mother Of The Bride. Bride’s Dress Also Had Bejeweled Top And Float Bottom

Image source: bringmesomeshiraz

#11 Well This Should Be Fun – Online Wedding Group Drama

Image source: Indigo-au-naturale

#12 Was Picking Up Halloween Candy, Saw This Disaster: “Officially Domesticated”

Image source: CysticScrotalSpores

Hans Georg: The car is pregnant?

#13 Ah Yes. Someone Potentially Dying At Your Wedding Is A Much Better Idea Than Simply Not Having Seafood For One Day

Image source: Why-am-i-like-this97

#14 I Doubt This Qualifies For High School Volunteer Hours

Image source: OPossumAttack

#14 White Woman Worried About Her Venue Staff Being Minorities

Image source: copi0us

#15 My Cousin Is Butthurt That No One Is Donating To Their Wedding …

Image source: cha-nandlerB0ng

Little Wonder: Some people also actually attempt to sell TICKETS to their weddings to “cover costs”. Tacky.

#16 How Dare My 30yo Bridesmaid Have Some Grey Hair!!

Image source: willsingforpopcorn

#17 Only Some Of You Can Eat! Posted On Local Radio Page

Image source: beckerszzz

#18 Family Wedding In India

Image source: niketyname

The groom’s sisters had dresses, makeup, jewellery and hair done similar to the bride. The only difference is bride’s red wedding bangles. That’s a lot even for Indian customs!

#19 “I Just Thought Your Wedding Was The Perfect Place For My Child’s Birthday Party”

Image source: internetdramalobster

#20 Tw: M***er, Death – This Truly Unhinged Theme, The Table Names Are Their “Favourite Serial K*****s”

Image source: villanellespinkdress

#21 Screenshot: Bride And Moh Scam Bridesmaids

Image source: thedancingkat

#22 MOTB In White! It Literally Looks Like A Double Wedding To Me

Image source: ClaudiaLestat92

funkybluegirl (she/her): Am I missing something? The mother of the BRIDE is hanging all over the groom?

#23 Wedding Favors Are Engraved Bullet Casings With The Date And The Couples’ Names On Them

Image source: BigWinnerBiggerLoser

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Shotgun weddings are apparently still a thing.

#24 Future Bride Thinks The Handmaids Tale Is A Perfect Theme For The Wedding

Image source: Simply-Agreeable

#25 Old High School Classmate Faked A Negative Test To Get Married Abroad. (As A Bonus, This Is The Mentioned Last Pic)

Image source: [deleted]

#26 My Mum’s ‘Friend’ Had This Dress Especially Made To Wear To My Wedding

Image source: gumyoji

#27 The Rant, The Comment From Her Moh, Oh My God

Image source: ecbecb

#28 Pregnant Sister Obviously Got Pregnant On Purpose To Ruin The Wedding…

Image source: takethesky87

Rebelliousslug: The comment was perfect

#29 This Woman Is Probably The Biggest Narcissist I’ve Ever Met

Image source: No_Conclusion4279

She wore this to her college friends wedding (the groom.) She’d never met the bride prior, and the bride was wearing a very very simple relaxed gown.

#30 I Just Can’t With This, It’s So Bad

Image source: Appropriate_Oven_213

Verena: Or don’t buy cheap stuff, made by poor people in horrendous working and living conditions. Find a tailor in your town and negotiate a fair price.

#32 This Is As Tacky As It Gets… Not Even A “Buy The Bride A Drink” Just $$$ Please

Image source: skyon_high

#33 This May End Up Being The Grooms Funeral

Image source: missed-the-post

#34 Groom Party Had An Interesting Take On Attire

Image source: TechLover89

#35 “Close Friend” Of The Bride Came Dressed Like This

Image source: Massive_Topic2788

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