Cute Wild Squirrels Show Off For The Camera

Published 7 years ago

Did you know that January, 21 is the National squirrel appreciation day? Yep, that’s right. These red-tailed witty forest animals won the popularity among humans due to their fun character and cute appearance. They’re just adorable and so fun to watch, especially in their natural habitat or in our backyards/parks when they’re trying to charm people for food. Your average squirrel is a world-class acrobat, a local forest bandit and small park thief, ‘best fur coat’ award-winning animal, the cutest-looking nut muncher all in one.

Squirrels are one of the great studies for photographers, who want to improve their wildlife photography skills or capture fun shots of squirrels among people. Little munchkins constantly try to gather as much food as possible (probably because they lose up to 25% of their winter stock to other forest thieves like birds or neighboring squirrels), but they’re also extremely playful and energetic. Some of the animals, who moved from their natural habitats to town parks or people’s backyards are so used to humans that they don’t mind approaching people and taking the treats from their hands. Sometimes they may get quite demanding.

The photographs listed down below feature a couple of curious and playful squirrels who decided to show off for the camera in the most unique and adorable way, as well as take selfies and pictures of their forest buddies. But who’d miss a rare chance to do that, right?

To set the jokes aside, these engaging pictures of bushy-tailed squirrels were taken deep in the wintery Russian forest by Vadim Trunov, who spent days in the freezing wilderness waiting for the squirrels to show up and start their camera game. He had to feed the animals for a few days before they got comfortable around him and his equipment. Nuts and seeds helped the photographer to get the animals into the shot, and the squirrels may totally take the full credit for the pictures, where they play with a pinecone or photograph birds and each other.

It took Vadim a few other days to capture the squirrels and birds in the most interesting moments and positions, but his dedication and patience definitely paid off. Have you seen a squirrel playing chess with a bird in the middle of a snowy forest before? I don’t thin so.

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All pictures belong to Vadim Trunov

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