20 Surprising Items That Pose Potential Risks

Published 1 month ago

In the vast realm of the internet, curiosity knows no bounds. Recently, one Reddit user sparked a fascinating discussion by posing a seemingly innocuous question: “What’s the most dangerous yet totally legal thing you own?” The responses flooded in, creating a captivating thread that unveiled a spectrum of possessions people consider hazardous yet remain within the boundaries of the law.

From everyday items to unconventional tools, netizens shared their stories, shedding light on the unexpected dangers that can lurk in our homes. Scroll below to read some of their answers.

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Image source: forkandbowl, John Knox

1939 Sheldon 56″ metal lathe. It was built before they invented safety. It will happily rip your arm clean off then slap you in the face repeatedly with your own arm.


Image source: Accurate-Ad1710, Claus Ableiter

1927 chainsaw. Not a single safety feature on that thing. It scares people just sitting there, not running.


Image source: violetcazador, Garvin St. Villier

Your car. A two ton hunk of metal capable of reaching speeds of over 100mph, that can disintegrat humans on contact. And they are everywhere, some being driven by utter morons who pay the bare minimum of attention while doing so.


Image source: OveroSkull, Ahmed Hamed

I am a vet who helps people say goodbye to their pets at home. I work out of my own home, and at any time have enough [medical substances] on hand to kill a half dozen horses. Locked in a safe that’s in a safe in a locked cabinet in a locked room.


Image source: _not_quite_there_yet, David Davies

Mandolin slicer. Everyone I know who has used one has had an accident using one.

I have cutting gloves. I love some low effort julienne veggies.


Image source: wastingtoomuchthyme, Kevin Wolf

Garage door springs.


Image source: MaxCWebster, Pixabay

Staircase and bathtub.


Image source: That_Ol_Cat, Daniel @ bestjumpstarterreview.com

Jumper Cables.

I’m well aware how to use them, but there are many ways they can be misused; some on purpose.


Image source: letmebeyoursalad, U.S. Department of Agriculture

I have enough pesticides in the truck in my driveway to kill the entire neighborhood.


Image source: ReplacementTasty6552, Ron Lach

The break quit working on my miter saw so I took the guard and everything off is now just a spinning 14” wheel of death.


Image source: n4ssaa, Ryan Quintal

Legos. Ouch.


Image source: barn-182, Erik Mclean

Gasoline and propane.


Image source: ajoltman, Pavel Danilyuk



Image source: yountvillwjs, Abdullah AlBargan

GMC Yukon XL.


Image source: MySockIsMissing, Sarah Blocksidge

Free access to the internet, probably.


Image source: scrabblex, Nothing Ahead


Just by adding 1 other legal thing I can make an explosive, or enact chemical warfare.


Image source: nailbunny2000, Isabella Mendes



Image source: Mark_Michigan, Anete Lusina

Descending order: Ladder, motorcycle, chain saw, tree stand, various firearms, whisky, cars, bacon, bathtub, couch.


Image source: Rave4life79, Andrea Piacquadio

My gas stove. If I left it on without the spark and filled the apartment and spark was lit then the whole apartment complex goes down.


Image source: MikElectronica, Norbert Kundrak

My mind.

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