25 Surprisingly Dangerous Things You Might Not Be Aware Of

Published 8 months ago

Appearances can be deceiving, and the seemingly innocent things in our daily lives often harbor hidden dangers. From everyday objects to common habits, we often overlook potential risks. In a quest to uncover these concealed hazards, we turned to the wisdom of the crowd.

A Reddit user recently initiated a discussion on the platform about this matter. Their question was simple yet profound: “What is something that can be far more dangerous than people realize?” The response from fellow Redditors was swift and enlightening. Below, you’ll discover some of the most widely recognized answers to this thought-provoking query.

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Image source: IWearBones138__, Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

The sun.

I live in a pretty consistently sunny touristy area. The amount of people that let themselves get ruthlessly burned or try hiking without water is staggering. The sun will f**k you up.


Image source: 350chevyman

Pressure washers. People think it’s funny to spray others with them but the reality is that water coming out of that nozzle can be powerful enough to chip bricks. It easily cuts into the skin and can even inject that water into your bloodstream. Also the blue ringed octopus has some of the most toxic venom on the planet yet people still hold them thinking they’re cute.


Image source: courtneychachacha, Jimmy Chan



Image source: Avicii_DrWho, Mathias Reding

Garage door springs.


Image source: tab_completion, willsantt

Riding a horse.


Image source: fin008, amirali mirhashemian

Licking snails.


Image source: Particular_Display17, Jasmin Wedding Photography

Getting into a relationship with a low self esteem or toxic partner.


Image source: Far-Truck4684, Pixabay

Media monopolies.


Image source: Rauskal, Anete Lusina

Compressed air.

High pressure air can pretty easily pass through the skin and into the bloodstream, which is no bueno.


Image source: irish-springs, melissa mjoen

Texting while driving. See it all the time. Seen people get into a big collision and continued texting immediately after. People should lose their licenses for texting while driving.


Image source: ehsanboy74

Herbivore animals, meanwhile predators would probably not see humans as worth hunting all the time Herbivores will see anything as a threat and go crazy.

A moose a horse a cow a donkey can kick you to death a lot quicker than you think, theyre not your best buds that you can just go and pet them like a classic Disney movie.


Image source: RoutineDare4653, Visit Almaty

Skiing. I was young and flew through multiple barriers completely out of control on a mountain into unprotected territory in Whistler, Canada. Had to be rescued by ski patrol.


Image source: Black_Feathered_Hair

Pregnancy and Childbirth is extremely dangerous, and I have met a lot of people who don’t seem to or refuse to understand this.


Image source: Mizuho34, Lisa Fotios

Drinking water:

* Drinking too much of it.
* Brain eating Amoebas.
* Ingesting ocean water.
* Flint Michigan drinking water.
* Your cup of drinking water spilled onto the ground and its very cold there and it freezes and you slip on it and hit your head too hard as you fall.
* Fish farts.


Image source: CpuJunky, Kindel Media



Image source: death_by_relaxation, Michael Burrows

Spreading false info or rage bait.


Image source: Soundwave-1976, Anton

Cleaning the home. Many household chemicals can react with very small amounts mixing. A neighbor girl in grade school died from it actually. But to be fair she also had Asthma.


Image source: Exotic-Sample9132, Kaboompics .com

Anything heavy suspended over your head. Don’t walk under gantries. If something heavy falls, don’t tempt mass and gravity with your sausage fingers.


Image source: Connect_Atmosphere80, NEOSiAM 2021

Ho, well, I have one actually.

Sucker Punch, or any unprepared or unforeseen head impact. People doesn’t understand that guys and pals fighting being prepared isn’t as deadly as getting hit by surprise. If your muscles aren’t ready for the impact you can easily get knocked out and fall limp on the ground, hitting it hard enough to break something vital and die. Also, if you have an unknown condition that get aggravated by the hit, it can also be over.

Never hit someone if you aren’t prepared for the consequences. Never fight somebody if you can avoid it. A *bad* hit is all it take.


Image source: Awwyissman, Viktor Hesse

Chernobyl exclusion zone. The amount of people that visit illegally is shocking and the disregard for their own safety and health is also shocking. Like there is a claw that was used to move nuclear waste and it was moved into a spot and left there and the amount of people CLIMBING TOUCHING AND SITTING INSIDE OF IT is insane… like that could kill you with a few hours of exposure. And also not to mention the amount of things that could radiate potentially deadly particles that people take as a souvenir is also mad.


Image source: That_Dual_Guy, Tobi

Driving while tired.


Image source: Realistic_Routine137, Tadeusz Lakota

I feel like I’ve met a lot of people who don’t take bites and scratches from small animals like cats or little dogs as something serious. It just baffles me that they don’t understand how bacteria works.


Image source: Wilshere10, Pixabay


I’m an emergency physician. Aside from motorcycle/car crashes and gunshots, the next biggest trauma I see is probably falls from ladders.


Image source: Fried-Pig-D**ks, JESHOOTS.com


Every time you get into that vehicle you’re putting your life at risk.


Image source: NotThatKindof_jew, eberhard ? grossgasteiger

Running through railroad crossings, it might be the most idiotic thing some can do while driving. There is always that one chance you get stuck and then you get pancaked.

Ever see what a train could do to a semi truck? I’ve see what it can do to an unsuspecting person. Let’s put it this way, he was carrying pizzas and then became one.

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