20 Innocent Items That Can Turn Dangerous When Mishandled

Published 8 months ago

Reddit is a treasure trove of information, where curious individuals gather to ask questions and share their knowledge on a wide range of topics. One such question recently sparked a fascinating discussion: “What is generally safe but can be fatal if not used correctly?”

This query led to a thought-provoking exchange of ideas and reminders about the importance of safe practices in our daily lives. Let’s explore some enlightening replies that Reddit users shared in response to this intriguing question.

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Image source: Nightingale227, Bluewater Sweden

Water. Obviously, we need it to survive. But it will kill us if we drink too much, drink the wrong kind, or fall into a bunch of it.


Image source: ChestEmbarrassed1060, Tuva Mathilde Løland

Hairspray and any spray that can be used as an impromptu flamethrower in general.

Water and bathroom floors. More people are killed or injured in accidents in bathrooms than most people realize.

Any corner. The corner of a table or the corner of a cabinet door. Never leave those doors open. It takes one wrong step to lose an eye.

Bleach. It’s poisonous, it can blind you if it gets in your eyes, and it makes lots of smoke if mixed with brake fluid.


Image source: Fresh-Hedgehog1895, Piret Ilver

Salt. Sprinkle it on your food and you’re fine, but consume 10 teaspoons at once and you could die.


Image source: LucyVialli, Dima Panyukov

A car.


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Image source: FluffyBunnyFlipFlops, Waldemar

There was an interesting series of events at a glass factory. They kept having accidents but they weren’t keeping the detail, so they were forced to start keeping accident records. After a month or so, a pattern emerged. The workers were not being hurt by the glass, as you’d expect in a glass factory. No, the majority of accidents were around using Stanley knives. They had proper equipment to handle the glass, but no hand protection when using the knives. Hence, more accidents.


Image source: Zukazuk, Kevin Wolf

Garage doors. Mess with the springs and they will f**k you up


Image source: Quick_Competition281, Pixabay

Using any gym machine..


Image source: rob_s_458, cottonbro studio

Microwave ovens.

Place it on the counter and use it to heat food, perfectly safe.

Take the magnetron out of it to do fractal wood burning, high probability of death


Image source: sukianaxx, Avery Evans

A credit card, easy slippery slope lol.


Image source: -qqqwwweeerrrtttyyy-, Ngô Trọng An



Image source: moonbunnychan, CDC

One of my favorite phrases is that the only difference between being medicine and being poison is the dosage.


Image source: AliceSweetPeach, Sidekix Media

Your bathroom. Many people get hurt badly in slip in the bathroom. Oddly enough, we tend to use materials that are rather slick when wet when building them too


Image source: ftpcelien, Cooker King

Pressure cookers. I’ve always been scared of pressure cookers.


Image source: Pretty_Fauna, Vino Li

eating a whole cherry. This is because cherry pits contain the glycoside amidalin, which, when it enters the stomach, under the influence of the previous juice, forms a strong poison, hydrocyanic acid. 50 cherry pits can kill a person, but 15 is enough for a child! 10 – will cause poisoning.


Image source: masteranish, Fré Sonneveld



Image source: llcucf80, Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Apples. If you eat around 200 of them, including the core, you’ll have consumed enough cyanide to be fatal.


Image source: ConsistentBroccoli97, Anete Lusina

Compressed air


Image source: WarOk1465, Kristyna Squared.one

Definitely, the humble toaster! It’s all fun and games until you need a smoke detector concerto at breakfast

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