20 Women Got Raw And Honest On How Their Attraction To Men Has Been Affected By “Red Pill Men”

Published 9 months ago

Women have a right to be seen, to speak and to be respected for their views in all sorts of situations. Workplaces, relationships, families, the list goes on. However, just as many women speak up, there are an equal amount or more of men who try to sneakily keep them down. 

It may not be immediately obvious, but soon enough you can tell when a man thinks he is more entitled than a woman. These “red-pill men” are certainly off-putting to the women who meet them and can leave one disgusted with the whole gender in general as a result. Scroll below for some honest opinions from women on how “red-pill men” have affected their attraction towards men in general. 

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I’m married so it doesn’t have much impact on me personally in my daily life. However, if anything were to happen to my husband, I’d be single and celibate for the rest of my days on this planet.

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Early in my current relationship I noticed a used tear gas canister on my partners shelf. Thought it was a little reg flaggy. Asked about it, during a George Floyd protest it was thrown near him (he’s a corn-fed midwestern white boy), grabbed it diffused it in a fountain and put it his backpack. At the end of the story he said something like ‘some people hang bucks/fish, I keep social justice trophies’. In grad school he testified against two male students in his program that were found to have harassed (19) and assault (3) women. There are good men out there that are true genuine allies that support women and POC. Hope red pillers choke on it

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Ex-lady, so take my input with a grain of salt as I am read as a man 100% of the time. But one thing I noticed after transitioning is that the type of men who would give me the heebie jeebies as a woman turned out to be WORSE than I could have imagined. When in the presence of other men they tend to say what they really think, and their hatred of women shapes basically their entire worldview. If you get that gut feeling a guy is a misogynist, chances are you aren’t just right, but that he’s even more of a terrible person than he’s letting on.

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I’ve noticed, aside from redpill stuff, that society has become harder for EVERYONE to live in, but they act like it’s only them.

It’s more expensive, people are working so much harder for less. Lonelyness is off the charts for EVERYONE. But they see that more women have community and support. They see women only shelters and suicide rates for men and think “Hmph!! Why do THEY get extra help?!” What they fail to see is women get these things because of other women. WE built these spaces, we volunteer, we go out of our way for others because of compassion and empathy.

Men are the ones who see what we have and then want it too. I see so many men talk about having a girlfriend as if it will actually solve any of their problems, but it’s all selfish. “I’ll have some to love ME and raise my sense of self worth! To hug, to cuddle, to f**k, to cook and clean” providing for us is all they need to do, right? Wrong. We are also working people who have our own wants, needs, and aspirations. They come into relationships, incompetant about the give and take required. They want maid mommys.

What they need is to do away with the toxic masculinity bs so many of them say they’re oppressed by, work on their empathy, and make their own friends and community and stop trying to leech it from or destroy it for women. Litterally, just do better, be better. Actually put effort in, cause growth doesn’t just fall onto your lap

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Absolutely. If a man uses any of that language/incel speak I immediately leave. I won’t entertain that. It can spiral quickly as well and I’m not interested in jeopardizing my safety in any way.

I take care to not swipe on people who use incel dogwhistles in their profiles or who claim to be politically conservative or even moderate because men who are “moderate” have learned that if they outright say they’re conservative, they won’t get laid.

Men get worse and worse each year. All men, I don’t even care anymore. Until a man proves to me otherwise with his actions and behavior, it’s easier to assume he’s dangerous and hates women. Men constantly say that women are emotional but I haven’t heard of a woman beating their spouse senseless because their precious football team lost. Even some men that I thought were “normal” got so huffy about the Barbie movie and instantly I understood that they simply hid their depravity behind their “normal” facade.

Edit: ALL men. Die mad about it. I don’t care if that makes me sexist or a misandrist lmao.

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Absolutely. To rephrase your question: “Ladies, has the increased chance of encountering men who do not see you as a person affected your attraction to men?” Yes. Yes, it has. I like being a person, and being treated like one is the minimum for any interaction. The bar for romance for me is way higher than that (as it should be).

Honestly, I think straight women like me are the absolute proof you cannot choose your sexual orientation. I’d date women in a heartbeat if I had the tiniest romantic feeling for them. Men can be really f*****g scary.

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I am more fearful of men in general now. I’ve become more aware of how men see us, in a way I never was before. A lot of them seem to hate us. When your read the words they use to describe women, it’s like we aren’t even human to them.

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Women in the US and China have been taking dates to the Barbie Movie to “vet” against sexist men. Not to mention the drove of breakups that came after men saw the movie and showed their true colors to their now ex gfs.

They always out themselves eventually.
Women see it just… we don’t really need men the way they need women.

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Yes. It’s impacting how men of all ages treat women. When I was single it was the reason I got off the dating apps. It’s also why I go out of my way not to engage with men in public.

The entitlement and creepy, aggressive behavior is awful. I used to travel a lot for work so I spent a lot of time in places where you meet men. I remember when you’d be having dinner at a bar and have a nice conversation with a man, a bit of a laugh, a few drinks and then go your separate ways. There was a sort of camaraderie. Something happened and more and more men started treating women like they are prey they are entitled to. It’s scary out there. And they are so rude and mean. It’s totally crazy the stuff I’ve had total strangers say to me.

And let me tell you, married men are the absolute worse. They are so gross and pushy. It used to be you’d be able to have a chat with a married man and know he likely wouldn’t hit on you. I will not engage with married men anymore. If women had any idea what their husbands are getting up to out in the world. I will never date a man who travels for work. Ever. If you’re married to a business traveler, especially a middle age one, you should regularly get STD tested.

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I gotta say, I don’t lose all hope for men when I see a post where a woman talks about her s****y experiences with men or male partners.

But I **DO** start losing hope and respect for men when I see what they comment on those kinds of posts

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I honestly think it’s made me a lot more aware of early warning signs in a guy.

Not too long ago I was casually dating this guy, he was very clean cut and put together on the surface, we got on well and the sex was okay but I didn’t mind because I figured it’d get better in time with communication.

We stopped talking because I very nicely said I did like sleeping with him but if he could do more foreplay during sex it’d be great. He became a bit standoffish. Then started giving me the silent treatment but made it very obvious he was ignoring me and I was more turned off by how immature it came off across.

Turns out he was a huge tater tot, followed a bunch of instagram accounts that posted his videos. One of the vids he saw was another red pill dude who very clearly had daddy issues say “If you give your girl the silent treatment, she’ll be so desperate for attention she’ll be reaching out to you”.

He got PISSED that I didn’t do this and deleted me off everything lol.

So yah, I’m lucky I have some genuinely amazing men in my life but it’s really made me more aware of subtle stuff.

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I used to be Christian Conservative and my ex bf at the time was very much so into 4chan while getting more and more extreme right wing as the years went on.

We were together for 8 years. A lot of bull s**t happened in that amount of time, but I stayed because he had me so convinced that a civil war was going to break out, that the right was going to have to fight for their own land and new country, that eventually we would have to *literally* fight for our rights, and that he was going to protect me during this eventual war. I thought, well if it’s going to happen, at least I’ll be with someone that knows how to protect me. Saying this all now makes me cringe inside.

Anyway, my current partner is liberal, a feminist, and a Marine. He helped me de-brainwash myself and has really helped me see the light. He is also accepting of the fact that I am attracted to women. If there were ever an actual war and all hell broke loose, I know for a fact I would be in much better hands now than I would have ever been if I stayed with my ex.

All of this to say, redpillers are scary. I would date exclusively women if something were to ever happen to my current partner because I could never risk even dating another redpiller. Conservative men are terrifying and are getting more and more extreme as time goes on.

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I really can’t come up with any reason that I would date again. My single life is just so free and uncomplicated. All of the men I’ve ever been with have been more of a burden in my life.
The upside for me just wasn’t there compared to what I had to sacrifice.

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I think, more generally, the internet has affected my attraction to men.

Men seem to think everyone on the internet is a man, so they feel comfy saying all that misogynist s**t that apparently most of them believe very openly. The internet made ‘locker room talk’ public and I’ve been judging men for it since then.

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Im in my sixties and I’ve been single for the last 20 years. I love being single

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Yes. I used to think a lot of misogyny and sexism was a generational thing. Something that would die out as understanding and empathy progressed.

Now I understand that men don’t really see women as human beings and only as things to benefit them. They don’t want women to be happy because they genuinely don’t give 2 shits.

I won’t date anymore.

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It has made me very leery of dating, and if a man does anything red-pillish, such as trying to lower my confidence, pouf, I’m gone. Interestingly, it has made me reexamine my unconscious assumption of the desirability of being in a couple. I find being on my own, with the company of lots of platonic friends, peaceful, fun and fulfilling.

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I refuse to f**k with any dude who has conservative, moderate, Christian or apolitical in a dating profile. I also will bail any time anyone says anything about alpha, beta, or sigma males. And any sort of negging will get them tossed. I mostly date queer people these days, if I do at all.

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Was with someone who got into the redpill movement during our relationship

**He told me that I had duties as a woman and I needed to fulfill his needs**

0/10 would recommend getting with anyone who is into these belief and highly recommend leaving the second they bring up how it makes so much sense

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It wasn’t the redpill that erased any interest or trust in men, it was men. They’ve always been like this, redpill just lets them be honest.

Lord love him, my dad did not (does not) know what to do with a daughter, so he always treated me like a slightly weaker son. I grew up with the knowledge that it might take me longer to do strength related tasks, but I would get that couch moved, that tire changed, that box up the stairs, etc. I was expected to be just as independent and dependable as my brothers. And the few times my brothers tried to treat me less than because I was a girl, I proved them wrong. (Ah, brothers, bless their hearts. They are stronger, I’m sneakier.)

Then I encountered men and boys who genuinely did see me as “less”. Men and boys, coworkers and teachers and casual acquaintances who blink and look shocked when I talk back, when I hold the door for them, when I give them advice or joke around when them…. Yknow, when I dare to be a person treating them like a person.

It took years to figure out it was a “them, not me” problem, and took a page out of their book and “went my own way”. I prefer women, socially and romantically.

In short, by the time redpill came around, I had already lost any interest in men as friends or acquaintances.

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