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20 Of The Most Annoying Examples Of Deceptive Packaging Shared By This Online Group

Published 2 months ago

Have you ever bought something and realized that over half of it is empty? Be it a bag of potato chips filled with air or a cosmetic product with a deceptively designed container, it’s really infuriating to see how companies blatantly try to scam people with misleading packaging.

The subreddit r/NonFunctionSlackFill shares photos of those horrible packaging that might make your blood boil with anger. Scroll below to see the most disappointing ones.

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#1 2/5 Away

Image source: sean_Biota

#2 I Get That Samples Are Samples, But What A Waste Of Plastic

Image source: IamthebestPotatp

#3 I Know Popcorn Is Mostly Air, But

Image source: LykaiosAvery

#4 This “Box” Of Beef Jerky

Image source: philipsdirk

#5 A Yard Of Snickers. Sorry, But I Tore Out The Cardboard Flaps That Kept Them Centered

Image source: casewood123

#6 Biggest Letdown I’ve Had In A While

Image source: demonic_pug

#7 There’s Just Enough To Fit In The Window

Image source: MikeV77

#8 $20 For 11 Chocolates. Happy Valentines

Image source: itsaTalkingMuffin

#9 Just Enough To Make It To The Line

Image source: SpasticGoldfeesh

#10 “Fruit Bread”

Image source: A_fucking__user

#11 Only Function Here Is To Trick You Into Thinking It’s A Bottle

Image source: ABAFBAASD

#12 Buoyancy

Image source: baselganglia

#13 This Bamboozling Package

Image source: alfatems

#14 Bath Bombs

Image source: Bobrobot1

#15 Xtreme Asshole I’d Say

Image source: Bobrobot1

#16 An Entire Box Of Ice Creams Like This

Image source: sham27

#17 Why Do You Have To Play Me Like That?

Image source: Flozender

#18 Not Buying This Kind Of Box From Michaels Again

Image source: lookitslaurie

#19 Does This Count?

Image source: Zacipult

#20 Sales Genius

Image source: GillyGilly21

Saumya Ratan

Saumya loves to explore beautiful, crazy, and wholesome stuff on the internet. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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