20 Of The Most Annoying Examples Of Deceptive Packaging Shared By This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

Have you ever bought something and realized that over half of it is empty? Be it a bag of potato chips filled with air or a cosmetic product with a deceptively designed container, it’s really infuriating to see how companies blatantly try to scam people with misleading packaging.

The subreddit r/NonFunctionSlackFill shares photos of those horrible packaging that might make your blood boil with anger. Scroll below to see the most disappointing ones.

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#1 2/5 Away

Image source: sean_Biota

#2 I Get That Samples Are Samples, But What A Waste Of Plastic

Image source: IamthebestPotatp

#3 I Know Popcorn Is Mostly Air, But

Image source: LykaiosAvery

#4 This “Box” Of Beef Jerky

Image source: philipsdirk

#5 A Yard Of Snickers. Sorry, But I Tore Out The Cardboard Flaps That Kept Them Centered

Image source: casewood123

#6 Biggest Letdown I’ve Had In A While

Image source: demonic_pug

#7 There’s Just Enough To Fit In The Window

Image source: MikeV77

#8 $20 For 11 Chocolates. Happy Valentines

Image source: itsaTalkingMuffin

#9 Just Enough To Make It To The Line

Image source: SpasticGoldfeesh

#10 “Fruit Bread”

Image source: A_fucking__user

#11 Only Function Here Is To Trick You Into Thinking It’s A Bottle

Image source: ABAFBAASD

#12 Buoyancy

Image source: baselganglia

#13 This Bamboozling Package

Image source: alfatems

#14 Bath Bombs

Image source: Bobrobot1

#15 Xtreme Asshole I’d Say

Image source: Bobrobot1

#16 An Entire Box Of Ice Creams Like This

Image source: sham27

#17 Why Do You Have To Play Me Like That?

Image source: Flozender

#18 Not Buying This Kind Of Box From Michaels Again

Image source: lookitslaurie

#19 Does This Count?

Image source: Zacipult

#20 Sales Genius

Image source: GillyGilly21

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