20 People Shared The Deepest And Most Unforgettable Wise Words They’ve Heard

Published 10 months ago

In the midst of a painful moment or even a random conversation sometimes someone will say something that deeply resonates. These words of wisdom usually hit differently as they ring true for you in a way that others did not. The impact of these words may even last a lifetime as they reverberate through your soul.

Recently, Redditor u/Some_Being_Online inquired online, ”What is the deepest thing someone has said to you?” Netizens responded with their own experiences and these little nuggets of wisdom give an unusual perspective that you don’t hear often. Scroll below for a fresh take on many things people have gone through again and again, but hearing these unconventional remarks may open your mind to a new way of handling emotionally charged moments. 

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#1 I’ve always liked the quote “Sometimes a hypocrite is just a man in the process of changing” and I think it’s more important than ever in our ‘cancel culture’ society.

Image source: little-bird89, S Migaj

#2 Sometimes, the best way to help someone is to let them help you. You may not need their help, but it will make them feel useful.

Image source: Armor_Armadillo, Rémi Walle

#3 When my baby died and was a mess someone told me, “ I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through. I know your heart, expectations, assumed roles and future memories have been broken. But to your child they had the perfect life. All they ever knew was your love.” I still cry thinking about it but it really did help. I know some may take this differently, but it was what I needed at the time.

Image source: ballerinabiscuits, Verne Ho

#4 “It’s better to appear rude and live than to be nice and get killed.” This was from a self defense instructor, and it just blew my mind. They were talking about listening to your instincts, and not worrying about appearing rude when your gut is telling you something is off.

Image source: Unhygienictree, Liza Summer

#5 When you’re about to become a parent the amount of s**t you get told is unreal. Parents can’t wait to tell you “you’ll get no sleep, you’ll have no life, it’s all changing nappies etc”

However, I was in a meeting with a guy at work, we were making small talk before the meeting and I told him I was about to become a dad expecting the usual. Instead he just went really deep but really chilled and just went “you’re about to have the most amazing thing happen to you ever but never forget, they’re not yours. You’re just borrowing them while they need you but you need to get them ready to not need you anymore.” The older my kids get the more I appreciate it

Image source: Educational-Act-6602, Vidal Balielo Jr.

#6 Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child.

Image source: dvmdv8, Tatiana Syrikova

#7 I stopped giving a s**t about my birthday since I was 27. I used to request off or at least the day after off to recover from the previous night but I just stopped caring. Last year, an old lady at my job found out it was my birthday and surprised me with a card with money in it, the kind of way a grandma would. I tried to tell her it wasn’t a big deal and give the money back but she insisted saying “You should always celebrate your birthday. You don’t know how many you have left.”

Image source: Sol-Blackguy, Ami Suhzu

#8 A teacher in high-school was teaching literature but his whole curriculum had anti-capitlism and especially anti commercial vibes, and being a teenage s**t head I pushed back against him at every chance. One day after class I basically just said “you teach like everything is terrible but I’m alive and know things aren’t that bad”

To which he replied “imagine an outhouse. You know how when you walk into the outhouse the smell is almost overwhelmingly terrible? But once you’ve been in there for a bit, your nose acclimates and you start to notice it less right? Now imagine you’re born in, and live your whole life inside an outhouse, never once leaving. How do you respond when someone comes in and tells you your house stinks?”

Probably the number one most important lesson I learned in my entire education career.

Image source: thebravestkoala, Jim Bahn

#9 “It’s because of what we went through that we are where we are.” (in a good way) My Wife. (speaking of my alcoholism) 6 years sober

Image source: TrailerParkPrepper, Clem Onojeghuo

#10 A persons actions are a reflection of their character, not yours

Image source: YallMindIfIJoin, Dương Nhân

#11 The grass is greener where you water it

Image source: Acceptable_Cup_3015, Liis Saar

#12 A 5 year old told me “Loneliness is when you have lost yourself.”

Image source: Pass_the_Lasagna, Lukas Rychvalsky

#13 “Better a terrible end than a horror without end.” This was said by a friend of mine who had been fighting cancer for a long time . He died the next day , after years of struggle and 4 remissions .

Image source: Yairam2305, Ana Arantes

#14 It’s not that deep, but I heard it as a sophomore in college (remember that hormonal swamp that is your late teens?) and it just floored me. “The opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s complete and utter indifference.”

Image source: dragonfeet1, Korney Violin

#15 “You can’t keep in giving someone the benefit of the doubt when they get all the benefits and you get all the doubts.”

Image source: BigBadBootyDaddy10, Vera Arsic

#16 Maybe not the deepest thing I’ve ever heard but definitely something that changed my life the most over time: “You become an adult when you realize your parents are just people.” It might seem obvious but when you’re in an unhealthy, borderline Stockholm-esque home life when you’re young, that realization can slap.

Image source: NautNymph, Emma Bauso

#17 “Yes, of course, heaven and hell are great and terrifying and all. But what if you did good just for the sake of it? No eternal reward or punishment afterward. Would you still do good if you knew at the end, there ***is no*** reward?” Started me down the path of deconstructing my faith and leaving religion behind. Thank you random lady I talked to in line at comic book day back in 2014 in Moncton.

Image source: roguereider1, Johannes Plenio

#18 “Don’t focus on always being happy, focus on always being content.” Always being happy is an unrealistic goal, but you can always be content with the way things are.

Image source: Blamebostonx, Fox

#19 Grief is the price we pay for love. And it’s a bargain.

Image source: khmergodzeus, Ben White

#20 “Worry is not preparation.”

Image source: Big-Routine222, Nathan Cowley

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