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20 Funny Posts From The ‘What I Wanted Vs. What I Got’ Trend On TikTok

Published 7 months ago

Sometimes, high expectations can lead us to utter disappointment. But, it’s a very basic human tendency – we all want a good haircut when we go to a hairstylist and we all want that perfect dreamy dress for the prom. It’s just that there is no guarantee that life will always give you what you want.

A TikTok trend named “What I wanted vs What I got” became very popular and made people share their expectations vs reality fails. Check out some of the hilarious ones in the gallery below. And if you want more such pics, check out our previous article here.

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Image source: ellarivera__


Image source: itsdannydevito


Image source: itsjustelena


Image source: audreyllavoie


Image source: silvanasabella


Image source: drewparkerplays


Image source: kaitlinhealy


Image source: georgemichaelsbiggestfan


Image source: naomielliott.22


Image source: jessg2015


Image source: laura_sharp_


Image source: imunique_doee


Image source: livvychesterr


Image source: lils.drum


Image source: deeeeeee60


Image source: emiiervine


Image source: nat.tyson


Image source: sybhu


Image source: esluvsyou


Image source: pineappleees

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