This Photographer Showed How Disney Princesses Would Look Like As Girls In 2019

Published 5 years ago

Jessica Kobeissi is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Detroit, Michigan. For one of her latest projects, she took 10 professional models and transformed them into Disney princesses to show how everyone’s favorite characters would look like as real girls in 2019.

The photographer says she bought all of the clothes herself and tried to match them with each princess. “It was really a challenge trying to find something that still fit the theme but was still in style (in 2019),” says Jessica. “I worked with makeup artist Hayley Kassel for most of the princesses and makeup artist Courtney Hagen for Snow White.”

Jessica gave some comments on her creative choices:

“1. The model for Mulan (Serena) is Chinese. We shot her photos in Seoul, South Korea, as she lives there. That’s why you’ll see Korean in the background for one of the photos!

2. Tinkerbell is not a princess, but I still wanted to add her because I love her character.

3. Sophia who portrays Pocahontas is Mexican, French and Native American.

4. I styled every model, with the exception of ‘Jasmine’ (who is a stylist and picked her own outfit!)”

Check out the Disney princesses as real girls in 2019 in the gallery below!

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Sarah as Jasmine


Sophia as Pocahontas

Snow White

Lauren as Snow White


Tashi as Belle


Estelle as Cinderella


Paulina as Tinkerbell


Lilia as Ariel


Serena as Mulan

Sleeping Beauty

Willodeen as Sleeping Beauty


Sydney as Tiana

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