Distinctive eco-friendly animal hats inspired by nature and built by you!

Published 8 years ago

Introducing Zoofold: Wild Headwear for Party Animals

Zoofold is the creation of India Aspin – a qualified architect, design enthusiast, and fancy dress fanatic. After hand-making a pair of wildlife themed festival outfits back in 2010, India discovered that she had both the instinctive eye and essential inventiveness for costume craft. Keen to build on this newfound enthusiasm, she drew on her architect’s skills in 3D modelling, spatial thinking, and precision draftsmanship to devise a whole new breed of fancy dress headgear.

India has spent over two years developing prototypes, sourcing materials, and perfecting her beautiful designs, and has now left the architect’s life behind to share her handiwork with the world. Having committed herself full-time to the nurture and development of these marvellous creations, she is now ready to release Zoofold into the wild.

Zoofolds arrive pre-cut into 2 – 3 pieces, ready for you to assemble at home. There is no need for scissors or glue, as each Zoofold is hand finished with double-sided tape. All you have to do is fold, peel, and stick. The fun, folding element means that the mask has a quirky and origami-like handmade feel, while the vivid layering of digital brushwork and photography means that every detail of the animal’s features are carefully rendered with life-like fidelity.

While they can be appreciated as beautiful design objects in their own right, the real joy of a Zoofold is in the wearing, sharing, and showing off! As well as making a striking and stand-out costume for festivals and parties, the Zoofolds have been thoughtfully devised for maximum flexibility and ease of use: they can easily be worn on top of the head as a hat, or slipped down over the face as a mask. This adaptability gives partygoers the freedom to eat, drink, and chat without the discomfort that can ruin an otherwise perfect costume.

Crowdfunding through kickstarter, India now has just 4 weeks to raise enough funds to release Zoofold’s debut range: the Woodland Collection. An endearingly familiar cast of creatures from the British wilderness, the Woodland Collection features three animals: Fox, Badger, and Deer.

To help the wildlife that inspired them, Zoofold have pledged that 5% of the Woodland Collection’s profits will be donated to the Woodland Trust. These donations will continue as further collections are released, with each new collection being paired with an appropriate charity. In more good news for the natural world, Zoofolds are made in the UK from 100% recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable: finished with bio-degradable laminate, Zoofolds are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable but indissoluble plastics.

Zoofold is a fun, stylish, and sustainable product designed to give you the fervour and freedom to embrace your wild side.

You can support Zoofold through its kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1913474909/zoofold-wild-headwear-for-party-animals

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