25 Disturbing Movies That Still Traumatise People

Published 3 weeks ago

It’s no secret that many eagerly anticipate the release of a new horror movie, only to find it falling short of expectations. Whether it’s due to a limited budget, inexperienced writers, predictable twists, or recycled plots, the result often leaves much to be desired.

But fear not! In a recent online discussion, horror enthusiasts shared a glimmer of hope by recommending films that truly deliver spine-tingling chills. Below, you’ll discover a curated list of the most unsettling movies guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

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#1 Human centipide.

Image source: Kechemerin, IMDb


For me, it’s just such an absolutely disturbing concept that I can’t believe the person who came up with it doesn’t have issues that need to be addressed.


#2 Hotel Rwanda.

Image source: lnchkr, IMDb


I own it but have only watched it twice. I cry about it for days on end.


Image source: Tantra_Charbelcher, IMDb

Come and See, written and directed by two men who were on the eastern front during Germany’s genocide campaign in Belarus, the campaign that k*lled 27 million Russians. The movie depicts the writer’s experience as a teenage soldier. It was made during the time of the Soviet Union and the actions of the Germans depicted in the movie were deemed so intense and disturbing that even the Soviet Union who basically controlled all media at the time asked then to tone it down. The movie uses a real child actor, real animals, and real live ammunition. It could never be made today. It is haunting, disturbing, and based 100% in reality. It shows there are no heroes in war and will destroy any notion one may have that war is ever a good idea. It makes Saving Private Ryan look like Over the Hedge. Edit: The movie is free in its native Russian on Youtube.

#4 I Spit On Your Grave. The Hills Have Eyes. Both originals and remakes.

Image source: Icy-Dingo8552

#5 Not the most disturbing, but the car scene in Hereditary shocked the absolute s**t out of me more than any other horror scene. I’ve watched a lot of horror movies.

Image source: Dangerous_Mouse_1475, IMDb


It was so unexpected in that moment of the movie for some reason that’s why it was so shocking too. That one is really burned into my brain.


Hereditary stayed with me. It’s a long, slow burn until it hits you again, and again. I’ve watched a whole bunch of “deep dive” video essays to try and work through it, but the effects remain, like a spot on my soul

#6 Requiem for a Dream it’s not a horror movie but definitely one of the most disturbing movies I’ve watched.

Image source: kwabsala, IMDb


I remember watching it when I was younger, and at a certain point I legit had to pause the movie and go outside just to hear some birds chirp and see some sunshine.

#7 Threads… By far.

Image source: Tomaszmagnum, IMDb


I saw it years ago and still think about it regularly. Sometimes my friend and I need to talk about it to continue the processing.


This changed my idea of surviving nuclear war. I’m now glad I live in a high target city and I only hope I get vaporized instantly if or when the time comes.

#8 Johnny Got his Gun. It took me years to watch it all the way through. Being stuck in your body not being able to move or communicate all the while being conscious to everything around you. It’s like being buried alive for years.

Image source: spytez, IMDb

#9 Deliverance.

Image source: PurpleYoda319

#10 Eraserhead. You are welcome.

Image source: sweetsour9, IMDb


I saw it for the first time last year and it left a very foul taste in my mouth. Oh, and I’m going to be a dad for the first time this year and the movie is even more unsettling now.

#11 Schindler’s List. I will never watch it again.

Image source: Unusual-Caregiver-30, IMDb


It’s an extremely good movie and I’m glad I watched it, but once was definitely enough.

#12 A Serbian Film.

Image source: Ill-Organization-719, IMDb


Came here for this. I wouldn’t watch the movie again but, in terms of accomplishing what they set out to accomplish, it was a good movie. I feel bad for even saying that, lol. But man, that’s one that just can’t be unseen. Almost feel terrible for having actually seen it. On that note, if anyone comments about a movie that’s more disturbing than this one… I don’t think I’d want to watch it. And I’ve of gone on horror movie binges that span the globe.

#13 The Machinist. Surprised I haven’t seen it mentioned!!

Image source: Richard_Chaffe

#14 Apocalypse Now. It had an impact on me like no other. The movie feels so intensely real, and unfortunately it is a very accurate depiction of what happened in the Vietnam War. The way that the movie dehumanises Vietnamese people (which is what the Americans did) just kills me. It’s absolutely horrifying.

Image source: zenmulberry

#15 Funny games. I watch A LOT of horror movies/ thrillers etc. I consider it my favorite genre. That movie got me to my core for some reason. Something felt so real about it.

Image source: DrZoid1984, IMDb


I watch a lot of horror and read a lot of true crime, I could not finish this movie. It did feel very real.

#16 A Clockwork Orange was up there on the list.

Image source: Outdoor-Snacker, IMDb


I can watch a lot of horror but I watched it once and never again

#17 One Hour Photo. Robin Williams as a psycho. Brilliant but disturbing.

Image source: FriendlyInspection68, IMDb

#18 Jacob’s ladder traumatized me.

Image source: whatismyeyecolour

#19 Midsommar.

Image source: pleasure-delayer, IMDb


That was one of the first movies I saw where nausea set in while I was watching it.

#20 Mother….

Image source: AttractiveLizard, IMDb


This is the only movie I actively wish I could un-watch.


The only movie I’ve ever seen that truly and I mean truly felt like an unfolding nightmare. I will never watch it again.

#21 Grave of the Fireflies (1988).

Image source: Aggravating_Top7963, IMDb


That was just such a devastating movie. Must’ve seen it about 20 years ago and I still think about it often. It still gives me goosebumps.

#22 American History X.

Image source: Jdtdtauto, IMDb


I can remember by buddy showing me the film. He had the video tape rewound and back in the case and I still had my jaw dropped while staring blankly into the turned off TV.

#23 Irreversible.

Image source: aychedee, IMDb

Only movie I tapped out on the first time then revisited just to get through it. Not only is it gruesome, the atmosphere and camera angles make it really unsettling.


This film stuck with me for so long, so awful, tragic and beautiful as well. Quite a feat.

#24 Lars von Trier’s Antichrist. Specifically the scene involving scissors….

Image source: MediocreBreakfastt

#25 Probably Event Horizon.

Image source: ladderboy124, IMDb


I still have nightmares related to this film.

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