Dominica: Island of nature’s best adventures

Published 8 years ago

Most of the volcanic Dominica is swathed rainforest giving the place a lush backdrop for exciting adventures. Take intense trek towards the boiling lake, the true spa feel in natural hot sulphur springs, dive with the flow of waterfall and much more. In-short, the list is endless and the only way to enjoy everything at its best is by visiting the place in person. Let’s find out more about the exotic place on Earth!

Wealth of adventure & fun

There’s a whole fleet of comfortable lounge chairs parked right beside the infinity pool along the white-sandy beach. All-inclusive choice of food and activities are worth digging as long as you’re staying on the well-manicured resorts. It’s all about dozing under the sun while your toes are dipped in the warm bathtub! When you’re done, go shopping at hotel boutiques or play golf which are some other most sought-after activities on the island.

The very first and long-distance walking trail in the entire Caribbean, none other than the Waitukubuli National Trail is also here that covers almost 115 miles and amazingly beautiful. The trail passes along the Morne Trois Pitons National Park; UNESCO’s World Heritage Site with world’s second largest boiling lake and the Carib (Kalinago) territory. The trail is subdivided in various segments for those who don’t wish to hike its entire length.

The Boiling Lake

It’s a six-hour journey across the challenging terrain all the way to Dominica’s Boiling Lake and one of the most popular tourist sites. The trail is undulated and meanders through rainforest; it’ll rise to a height of 2260 feet approximately before dropping right in the Trois Pitons River. Keep moving uphill as it further slopes to almost 3160 feet; you can enjoy panoramic view encompassing entire Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

The Valley of Desolation

The trail slowly dips into the Valley of Desolation. The area is a strange landscape of grey and gold rocks with scattered moss, lichen and grass due to seismic activity. Like ghost streams, the silvery water of varying temperatures roam through the area. The Boiling Lake emerges as the trail ends like a giant container of bubbling prismatic water, veiled in vapour that hangs solid unless a breeze blow away the cloud.

The touch of green

To enjoy flora and fauna of Dominica, you don’t need to be a diehard hiker. It’s an easy walk to the Emerald Pool and the Trafalgar Falls where leisure and scenery comes in a perfect package. As you move along the Syndicate Nature Trail, keep your eyes open and ears sharp for the area is home to native island parrots namely; the Jaco and the Sisserou.

Fun in the water

When you’re tired of hiking, rest your mind and soul with the different water-based activities such as snorkelling, kayaking and diving for visitors. It’s also the best opportunity to closely witness the reef fish, turtles and different sea species.


If your Dominica citizenship is still active, there’s no place more relaxed and active which is the reason we call also name it “Nature Island”.

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