How to obtain Dominican citizenship & residence?

Published 8 years ago

Being a foreign national, you can either be a legal “resident” or even a “non-resident” following the laws defined by the country. Non-residents refer to those who intend to reside in the country for limited time and for a specific motive such as business or pleasure. A resident; on the contrary, is a foreign native already staying in the country for a prolonged period and bestowed with legal residency status by the government. These individuals have the honour to receive an identification card and a relaxed tax structure with many other features similar to a born native.

Anyone 18 years or older can apply for citizenship as an individual but parents and legal guardians permission is mandatory lest applicant is a minor, that is less than 18 years. Rules and regulations of dual nationality are defined under Article 20 of Dominican Constitution whereby a native Dominican may hold foreign nationality without any risk of losing the original one.

Foreign nationals also hold the same rights to those of born natives and this is defined under Article 25. Only one exception; foreign national is restricted to participate in any political agenda except the rights to vote in elections. A request can be filed for diplomatic protection lest someone faces legal problems living in the country. However, this is the last straw when all other options failed to work!

Temporary residence: The first step

Head to the Dominican Migration Department if the application is for a temporary residence! Once approved, validity period is for a year after which you can easily request renewal. Bearer is entitled to pursue legal employment and residence without purchasing any tourist card for entrance. Renewal process is far easier as compared to the first-time application as long as you fully abide by the local laws and rules.

After successfully completing the first five years of temporary residency, you may change the status to permanent. In general, you’ll obtain the visa either in three or six months which serve as an eligibility document for initial temporary nationality. So, be sure to file the application just in time thus avoiding delay or any other inconvenience.

Must-have requisites

The first step is drafting a letter of application either to the Minister of Foreign Relations or consulate general. It must bear your name, original nationality, place of residence (city) and the motive you’ll serve once given permission. Lest your company manager is writing the information, he should sign the form and take complete responsibility of your actions. Also state the connection with the country which can either be a born Dominican, married to a citizen of Dominica, work contract or proof of economic wealth. You’ll also need;

– Visa application form

– English translated form that can be handy however optional

– A valid passport with two copies at-least

– Birth certificate and a duplicate copy

– Medical certificate (must be notarised, Spanish and original translated copy of the document)

– Police certificate, work contract and migration certificate as well


You can be a part of the country through Dominica citizenship by investment program and invest a specified amount to the country’s real estate project; must be of government!

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