Four super ways to get along with the Caribbean locals

Published 8 years ago

If you wish to get a pulse of real Caribbean life, check out homes of the locals and the vibrant streets away from the sun-drenched beaches, colourful reefs and palm-adorned resorts. Check out below to experience the Caribbean binge more close and personal.

1. The Root Veg & Culture, Jamaica

All shapes, sizes and colours of various carnivals can be experienced across the Caribbean but the week-long Trelawney Yam Festival in Jamaica is for a true local soul. It was first held in Albert Town, 1997 boasting everything that’s famous in Jamaica especially their favourite vegetable, potato-like yam and unprocessed.

Aim of the festival is to promote the consumption of vegetables and boost economy as well as healthy lifestyle. The usual singing and dancing get more exciting with the “biggest yam” competition followed by the weirdest “most congenial man”; a game played against a continuous reggae and dub.

2. Retrieve to the roots, Grenada

Spontaneous festivities are a regular thing all across the Caribbean such as dance along the heavy beat and bass right in the middle of a street. The only trouble is; you never what’s going to happen and when. See if you can come up with a chance to stay with one of local Grenadian family right along the St. George’s charming harbour to Sauteurs’s northern villages and the vast Grande Anse beach.

If you’re successful in getting along with the locals, they’ll treat you like a family member and make you feel at home. The “Roots Tours” is an excellent way to enjoy the Rastafarian picnic, meet local artists and herbal medicine practitioners. It’s also an ultimate opportunity to learn “how to play drums” and contribute to the noisy music parties!

You’ll eventually want to be a permanent part of the culture so why not make this dream come true and go for Grenada citizenship by investment program!

3. Discover the true spirit of Trinidad

The Port of Spain is the capital, soul of Trinidad and home to the world’s largest carnival just outside Rio. The true essence of the island however dwells in the countryside in the quiet rural communities such as Brasso Seco. Grab the opportunity to live with local families, tour around the lush rainforests and get acquainted with island’s culture.

Surfers would love splashing in the wind-battered beach at the northern side namely; Grand Riviere. You might also run into leatherback turtles that come ashore in a pack of hundreds to lay their eggs once a year. This is when local villagers are on high alert as newly born turtles often get astray and right into the hands of greedy traders and predators.

4. Crawl beneath Cuba’s skin

Since 1997, Cuban families allow tourists to host in their homes and today, thousands own their personal residences all across the island. The home styles vary from elegant suites right within the apartment complexes to the grand bungalow deep in the countryside.


You might already feel the Caribbean air, breezing all around so why not visit once and be a witness on your own!

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