A first timers guide to Malta

Published 8 years ago

Cross a few chunks of rock in the south Mediterranean and you’ll end up in Malta, a vast and versatile destination unique for its language. Locals here speak an interesting blend of British, Italian and Arabic that’s a result of centuries old invasion and assimilation; an unforgettable legacy! The capital city, Valletta has been chosen as a European City of Culture in 2018. Here’s a rundown on making the most of your exclusive Maltese tour from the ornate palaces to lovely beaches.

Settle down in a palace

Various regions of Valletta during the last few years have been masked in scaffold mostly because the ancient piazzas are renewed into ritzy boutique hotels. It’s an anticipation of the upcoming juggernaut in 2018, none other than the European City of Culture.

Luciano Al-Porto with its blood-red shuttered rooms, well-off spiral staircase and panoramic views over the Grand Harbour while you enjoy your morning breakfast is the best of all. If you’re eager for more luxury that complements to the Far East, head for Locanda La Gelsomnia in Vittoriosa. The 400 years old rooftop terrace of this palace is the perfect spot to give your best warrior pose!

Ride along the roads

The main island of Malta is sized typically 27 by 14 km approximately; a local hired car would certainly give you easy access to everywhere. While you get a grip on the wheels and traffic laws, a convertible is preferred choice and pretty much hard to beat. For non-natives, road signs are confusing as they’re in pure Maltese so install a GPS system in the car or wear a smartwatch that’s GPS enabled.

Fun and entertainment is at its best if you circuit from Valletta to the north of St. Paul’s Bay all the way through the Ghajn Tuffieha beach and the Blue Grotto. This is another gorgeous coastal spot over the west shoreline and don’t be tempted taking a “short cut” or you might end up on a furrowed track with horse carts blocking the way!

Hit the beaches

Temperature during mid-summer can skyrocket and this is the best time to hit the nearest beach. Picture-postcard choice is the Blue Lagoon with its iridescent waters that circles the tiny island of Comino; amidst Gozo and Malta.

Despite the inevitable crowd, you’ll love it here but to hoard enough space for family fun, arrive early in the morning. A short ride south would take you straight to “Paradise Bay” which is Malta’s iconic spot known for white sands and a stunning cliff-side path.

For a relax and off-beat track, head for St. Peter’s Pool to the far southeast. Dive in the natural swimming pool which is utterly stunning. You’ll definitely bump into locals and their dogs jumping excitingly into the pool from the limestone cliffs to beat the heat!

Tourists be aware! Come prepared with everything as there aren’t any public facilities here!


After reading the above, you must be feeling like flying straight to the place so obtain your Malta passport today and share the binge!

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