20 Of The Funniest Useless, Unsuccessful And/Or Unpopular Signs

Published 10 months ago

If you’re looking for something “funny, clever, or just plain weird” the signs found on this dedicated page are just what you need. Sharing the most hilarious signage that folks have stumbled across in the real world, this page’s content is so amusing that they have already quickly amassed a following of 10k that’s steadily increasing. 

If you’re looking for a sign, maybe these are what you need, if not to guide your life at least to brighten your day a little. So scroll below for a hilarious read of ‘Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Signage‘ from this aptly named Facebook group.

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Image source: Jessica Waverka


Image source: Jason R Remy


Image source: NoContextBrits


Image source: Brian Low


Image source: James Tegan


Image source: Näthãn Hårrîs


Image source: Sarah Loftus


Image source: Joseph Lennertz


Image source: James Tegan


Image source: Chris Zysk


Image source: Kate Rosie


Image source: Joseph Hod


Image source: Jesse King


Image source: Aiko Hualda


Image source: Kevin Dinan


Image source: Penny Reid


Image source: Victoria Rose


Image source: Jessica Waverka


Image source: JonBaker


Image source: Michael Äänestysalue

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