35 Easter Decor Ideas That Amazed Everyone Online

Published 4 months ago

With the arrival of spring comes the joyous celebration of Easter, a time of renewal, rebirth, and vibrant festivities. As households around the world adorned their spaces with colorful decorations, the online community was treated to a visual feast of creativity and ingenuity.

From whimsical egg displays to elaborate floral arrangements, here are some Easter decors that captivated everyone online, inspiring awe and admiration.

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#1 Easter Centerpiece Using Marshmallow Peeps

Image source: South Lumina Style

Alicia M: “I’ve finally seen Peeps serve an actual purpose. 🤣”

Upstaged75: “I love this! I don’t hate Peeps, but my limit is roughly one every 2 years. Anything more than that is too much. And I don’t recommend trying to make smores using them either. They are quite frightening when they start to melt! ;)”

#2 Vintage Easter Centerpiece

Image source: monika.marky

Zoe’s Mom: “That vase is stunning.”

#3 My Mother-In-Law Made This Flower Arrangement For Easter

Image source: MrsEllaneously

Tiffany Marie: “It’s cute and a creative touch.”

Upstaged75: “For a moment there I thought the carrots actually had the flowers growing out of them – and was wondering if I had totally misunderstood how carrots grow. :)”

#4 Bunny Wreath For Easter

Image source: artificial_hannah

Auntriarch: “It’s a bun’s bum!”

trollingergirl: “Yes, it is cute. On the other side.. its buttocks in a flower arrangement? Did the bunny fall in the vase? I have questions…”

#5 Another Easter Serving Option

Image source: diana_banya

Spittnimage: “Little mossy bunnies, so cute.”

#6 Easter Tablescape Using Gingham Bunny Charger Covers

Image source: dining_delight

#7 Since We Will Be Away From Home For Almost The Entire Month Of April, We Have To Get The House On The Wave Of Egg Holiday Early

Image source: valgejahelge

#8 Our Simple Easter Table

Image source: gamla_kafehuset

#9 Finished Decorating Our Easter Tree

Image source: emmapigsandroses

Cecilia Harris: “The little glasses are my favorite. Charming!”

#10 Hope You’ll Have An Egg-Cellent Day

Image source: lydianna91

#11 I’m Excited To Have The Next Few Weeks Off With The Boys. We’ve Got Some Fun Day Trips Planned

Image source: fourfamilyadventures

#12 Bunnies And Tulips For Easter

Image source: nicoles_dekoliebe

#13 A Couple Of Years Ago, I Decided To Mix Things Up And Added Carrots To The Flower Arrangement. The Result? Utterly Charming And Whimsically Perfect

Image source: rachelrsimon

#14 Whimsical Easter Table Setting

Image source: mesasporcris

#15 This Gorgeous Yellow And White Daisy Bunny Wreath For Easter

Image source: wyldewreath

#16 Easter Dreams

Image source: anfitria

#17 Spring Mood On My Table Today

Image source: livetpalahaugen

#18 This Is What Our Easter Table Is Looking Like. It’s So Nice To Make An Effort And Lay A Pretty Table, Even If It’s Just Me And The Kids

Image source: kylamagrathinteriors

I haven’t been able to buy fresh flowers because all the florists were closed, so I went on a forage in the green space just behind my street. I found a few bluebells and some pretty grasses, and I can honestly say I couldn’t love them more. Flowers bring me so much happiness, and my home feels very dead without them.

#19 Hopping By To Wish Everyone A Lovely Easter

Image source: homewiththewrays

#20 A Tiered Tray For Spring And Easter

Image source: coffeetime_withmariel_

#21 Easter Coffee Table Decor

Image source: cozagraty

#22 This Decoration For Easter

Image source: anniblomqvis

#23 Happy Easter

Image source: a_ya_natalie

#24 Eggs And Flowers For Easter

Image source: _annabellepe

#25 I Got Caught Up Changing Out The Decor In My Breakfast Nook

Image source: decorateswithbourbon

This all started because I was cleaning out my porch and found this vintage basket. I was like, oh, we must use this for Easter, and one thing led to another. I could try different combinations all day and never get tired. I also like to move things and then take pictures and look at them the next day with a new pair of eyes.

#26 Getting Ready For Easter

Image source: kseniiaiva_

#27 My Table Is Set For Spring With These Beautiful Pieces

Image source: decoratordiva1

#28 Easter Arch

Image source: dinalouann

#29 The Bunnies On My Easter Tiered Tray Are Trying To Decide Between Carrots And Cupcakes. I Know What I’d Pick

Image source: dining_delight

#30 Sipping A Coffee Here This Morning And Enjoying The Gorgeous Sunshine Pouring In. It’s Been A Lovely Weekend, Sending Easter Hugs

Image source: feel.at.home.inspo

#31 I Was So Egg-Cited To Set This Easter Table. Reflecting The Warmth And Beauty Of This Wonderful Season

Image source: appetitefordecor

#32 We’re In Full Easter Mode This Week

Image source: wyldewreath

#33 Some Bunny Loves You

Image source: salinamariahome

#34 I Spent My Day Decorating The Kitchen Sideboard For Easter

Image source: dining_delight

#35 Make Time For Yourself And Your Family This Easter

Image source: domek_na_polanie

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