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50+ Of The Most Hilarious Childhood Photos People Probably Wish Were Never Taken

Published 2 years ago

#131 I Was Bernard The Elf In 9th Grade…

Image source: schants

#132 I Took A “Photo Shoot” With All Photos Like This And Thought I Was So Cool, This Was Also My Profile Picture For Far Too Long

Image source: maybrad

#133 Gloomy Goth In 2007

Image source: ControlTheStorm

#134 My Fiancé Got This Leather Jacket When He Was 14. So Naturally He Got His Mom To Do A Photoshoot In His Room

Image source: justinemelissa

#135 I Captioned This “My Fricken Sweet Blue Hair” On Facebook. I Was 14

Image source: thegeekman

#136 Live Long And Prosper. I Was 14

Image source: Seuix

#137 As An Eighth Grader, I Was 2edgy4u

Image source: assbuttsarecool

#138 Double Trouble

Image source: docellisdee

#139 Back In 2011 When I Thought Wearing The 3d Glasses Without The Lenses Was The Cool Thing To Do

Image source: Raasiboi

#140 My Wife Loved Aaron Carter [2002]

Image source: empw

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