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50+ Of The Most Hilarious Childhood Photos People Probably Wish Were Never Taken

Published 2 years ago

#41 On My Way To Steal Ya Man

Image source: getriebenheit

#42 ‘Ginger Hair? Freckles? Pale Skin? This Kids Going To Be Too Popular At School. Can You Level The Playing Field A Bit?’ – Parents To Hairdresser

Image source: LancingLad

#43 My Kindergarten Picture Is Definitely The Most Epic Of All My School Pictures

Image source: manda326

#44 12 Year Old Me Thought This Was A Great Everyday Look

Image source: sitonmytits

#45 My 18th Birthday. I’m The Goth. Still Great Friends With The Beautiful Girl Next To Me :)

Image source: GTBlues

#46 When My High School Marching Band Was Performing At The Liberty Bowl And I Ran Into Two Guys Who Looked Vaguely Like Me (I’m In The Middle)

Image source: johnny3gud

#47 Guitar Guy At Party: Check. Tortured Angst: Check. Wolf T-Shirt: Check. Ignored By Girls: Check. Hole In My Crotch That I Only Noticed Now: Check. Real Life, 1995

Image source: mattjh

#48 They Wouldn’t Take The Photo Unless I Smiled

Image source: Patsatron

#49 My All-Time Favorite Christmas Blunder (I’m Top Left)

Image source: Chrismercy

#50 I Was Surfing The Web Back In 2001

Image source: Polensky

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