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50+ Of The Most Hilarious Childhood Photos People Probably Wish Were Never Taken

Published 2 years ago

#51 Thought It Would Be Cool To Make Knex Body Armor

Image source: mistermajik2000

#52 I Grew Up In A Small Midwest Town, My Mom Convinced Me To Take “Urban Hip-Hop” Dance Classes

Image source: poornose

#53 “Promo Shot” For My First Band’s Myspace Page. I Was 16 And Wore Women’s Clothing

Image source: howliehowls

#54 My Very First Job. Spiderman For Kids Parties

Image source: agentsblue

#55 Was Told You Guys Might Appreciate My Boy Greg’s 1992 Year Book Photos

Image source: MaxwellSinclair

#56 I Logged Into Myspace After 10 Years…

Image source: SheTastesLikeTexas

#57 I Went To School Like This More Than Once

Image source: Redragon143

#58 The Shirt Says, “Team Edward: Because Jacob Doesn’t Sparkle”

Image source: halfarab

#59 Just Found My Glamour Shot From 1995. I Was A Sassy 45 Year Old In 7th Grade, Apparently

Image source: Boots525

#60 Senior Prom 2006, Went Stag

Image source: grassdick

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