This Online Group Shares The Most Awkward And Cringe Posts Out There (20 Pics)

Published 1 year ago

All of us have said or done some cringy things in the past. Lucky for us, most people have probably forgotten about them, and our embarrassing memories only remain in some dark corner of our minds. However, not everyone was this lucky – some people actually ended up posting their cringe online.

People at the r/cringepics subreddit are sharing the most embarrassing posts they’ve come across, and they might give you some secondhand embarrassment. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 I Got Four Phone Calls From The Dealership Immediately After This, But Didn’t Pick Up

Image source: czapatka

#2 When You Accidentally Make Two Big Announcements In One Photo

Image source:

#3 Mistaking A Vietnamese Man For A Child

Image source: MichelleMone

#4 Not A Single Spanish Player Sang During Their Anthem

Image source:

#5 Tofu Is Only For Vegans

Image source: Arachnica

#6 Shapeshifters

Image source:

#7 16 Year Old Me On The Far Left At A Birthday Party I Wasn’t Invited To [2011]

Image source: SeptimiusSeverus_

#8 This Guy Found Me On His Wife’s “Suggested Friends” On Facebook Then Googled Me And Used My Business Number To Text Me. Gross

Image source: LadyKakes

#9 On This Day John Lennon Died, Spotify Didn’t Know That

Image source: MinglingToads

#10 Just A Post Mom

Image source: matmoeb

#11 Mlm Forgot To Change Her Recruiting Template While Messaging Strangers On Fb

Image source: ejzimm

#12 You Would Be Loud Too If I Was Riding You

Image source: toriimonster

#13 “Don’t Come Over”

Image source: Eklypto__

#14 Beef

Image source: KevlarYarmulke

#15 Just A Normal Guy

Image source: TKInstinct

#16 Time To Find A New Job

Image source: idkmaybe61

#17 * Excessively Starting To Sweat *

Image source: UnfunnyInSanAntonio

#18 Excellent Service

Image source: Bild

#19 Wow You So Beautiful. Wow Message Didn’t Send Separately. Wow Leave Group

Image source: ddh85

#20 “Daddy Delivered His Load” Found On Facebook

Image source: iniwuqe

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