25 Of The Worst Home Depot Customers’ Crimes

Published 3 weeks ago

When working on a DIY project, the first place most people need to visit is the hardware shop. However, just like in any industry employees working in hardware stores have their fair encounter with rude customers. 

The subreddit was created to allow hardware store workers a safe place to share such experiences. Scroll below to read the top posts found on the page, about entitled and obnoxious shoppers that employees had to deal with regularly. 

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#1 Today At Home Depot 7141

Image source: Many_Expression_5569

Kelly H. Wilder: 🎶 And every where that Mary went the lamb was sure to go. 🎶

#2 Real

Image source: ladiesman21700000000

Papa: White man over 50 here. I have never offered unsolicited advice to anyone at Home Depot, male or female, alone or accompanied by someone else.

#3 Can I Ask You A Question ”quick” Question And It Usually Ends Up Being A Complicated Question

Image source: HomerBucket1

#4 This Return Has Had Me Cracking Up All Day

Image source: potionshopsss

Aspiring Canuck: Am I the only one who sees a bear?

#5 This Regular Has Always Been A Piece Of S**t

Image source: BacklogGamingJunkie

#6 People Have To Much Time On Their Hands

Image source: ribboy555

Content Wombat: Lol, that’s quite impressive!

#7 Classic

Image source: HopelessImanity

Happy Onion: If only Home Depot had carts for heavy items like this. /S

#8 4 Stages Of Returning Stolen Items

Image source: Academic-War-3532

#9 Aisle Closed‼️‼️

Image source: Caribooyah

#10 Yes, This Is A Return

Image source: bigboiporkchop20

Little Wonder: Guess someone had to shut down their fan club :(

#11 Us Cashiers Who Work The Opening Shift

Image source: Dragon_Crystal

#12 Dog Obedience Class Inside The Store At 6pm. Wtf?

Image source: nami_wiki

Doo Wiki: If it was approved by management, I’m all for it. A socialized dog is a happy and safe dog.

#13 Our Return Policy Is 180 Days Not 25 Years

Image source: zorblaxoman

#14 Just Know If You Start Our Interaction By Bringing Up The Price Of Lumber, I Have Already Checked Out Of The Conversation

Image source: doubleXmedium

#15 Lol

Image source: mfPOON0010

CamiCamilion: If you’re going to have the ugliest truck in the world, may as well use it as a truck. But ugh.

#16 Overnight Coworker Just Sent Me This

Image source: D0nk3yPunch912

Aspiring Canuck: A little seltzer will get that out.

#17 Awkward

Image source: nickscion46

George LaMonica: Lol, a Home Depot employee proactively asking someone if they need help. I’ll take things that never happen for $2000 Bob.

#18 Customer Return

Image source: Shortsrealm

Sofia: don’t you open to check what is in?

#19 Since When Did We Get A Drive Through?

Image source: Independent_Lime_480

Connie Bonneville: Emotional support Ford

#20 It’s Too Early

Image source: lololaur_

#21 Some Idiot Thought The Display Was Plumbed In And Dumped Their Coffee

Image source: PettyWalrus

#22 Is It Black? Yes It Is

Image source: Goseebananafish

harold gelnaw: These are just some of the people that COVID missed

#23 Nun Returns 800$ In Flowers Everyday. We Have A Nun Who Buys Flowers For The Church Events Depending On What Color They Need. It’s A Endless Cycle. Happens Everyday!!

Image source: Hotpotato_95

Iampenny: Employee reported her, but management told them to keep out of it, it was nun of their business.

#24 Shingle Man

Image source: Competitive-Bear-196

Asked the customer “What are you doing?” He said I need I pack of shingles and you guys are taking forever. I’m like “Ahhhh sir there is a full pallet in the home… “He replied with “but I need the ceramic ones…” I’m like Wth.

#25 This Is My Safespace!

Image source: reddit.com

Petra Schaap: why is the breakroom accessible for customers??

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