30 Examples Of “Awesome Idea Meets Great Execution”, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

Many brilliant ideas pass through our minds every day. But due to a lack of time, resources, or skills, we are not able to execute them well. On the other hand, some folks have an awful taste but great execution skills. It’s rare to see excellent ideas merged with excellent execution, but that happens quite often too!

The subreddit Craft Projects is proof that amazing ideas with awesome execution exist. The online page has gained over 2 million members and is a storehouse of amazing DIY projects. So, if you are looking for some art inspiration, we have collected some of their best posts. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 Lighthouse Keeper Bjorn And His Friend A Seagull Named Bert

Image source: Dunaeva13

#2 I Made This Cactus Coasters Set With Leather For My Aunt’s Birthday. Do You Think The Flower Pot Is A Bit Too Wide At The Base To Be Somewhat Realistic?

Image source: taod86

#3 I Thought I’d Share This Little Polar Bear Pot I Made Out Of Porcelain!

Image source: everyonelse

#4 Snake Earrings

Image source: VallaVica

#5 Needle Felted Fruit Bat, One Of My Most Recent Woolen Miniatures

Image source: y_fedorova

#6 Someone Recently Called Me Bob Floss

Image source: jadeillustrates

#7 Something Different To Top My Tree This Year. I Wonder If My Relatives Will Notice

Image source: tabloach

#8 I Created This Design For My Friends

Image source: imolha

#9 My Favorite Time Of Year Is Almost Here. Always Woodburned By Hand, Never Laser!

Image source: misscareer

#10 Made This Stained Glass For A Friend Who Moved To Kansas Recently

Image source: kazoo3179

#11 Made A Red Cardinal From Wool. I Think It Turned Out Pretty Well

Image source: FeltedBird

#12 Fan Art For Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron. Colored Polymer Clay. How Do You Like It?

Image source: Elena3332005

#13 Shark Night Light Made By Me!

Image source: AmoyCK

#14 Made A Corset And Didn’t Have Anyone To Share It With So I Hope Someone Enjoys!

Image source: black_sunflower610

#15 Needle Felted Dog Miniature

Image source: Marysiowe_Misie

#16 I Crocheted A Parasol

Image source: iamacraftyhooker

#17 I Made A 7ft Long Octopus Plushy. He’s Called Octopus Prime, And He’s The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Made This Year

Image source: goodpigeon

#18 I Created Stained Glass Versions Of Origami Paper Boats

Image source: ilovedactyles

#19 Making An Axolotl Head For Your Mannequin Counts As Craft, Right?

Image source: pm_me_your_amphibian

#20 Front Entryway Doors

Image source: Normal_Diamond3067

#21 I Made A Baby Mobile For My Spooooky Friend

Image source: kerrietaldwell

#22 I Made A Harry Potter (Chamber Of Secerets) Themed Ring With A Set Moissanite. Let Me Know What You Think!

Image source: Boxhead2424

#23 My Dog Passed Away, So I Turned Her Leash Into A Keychain And Bookmark

Image source: HiveFleetOuroboris

#24 I Make Pressed Frames From Real Dry Flowers

Image source: Bohemialife1

#25 I Made This Embroidery As A Gift To My Religious Grandma And She Loved It!

Image source: rebordacao

#26 3 Years Of Progress With My Ceramics! Can’t Wait To See What This Will Look Like In The Next 3 Years

Image source: everyonelse

#27 Girl With A Pearl Earring

Image source: Unique-Blacksmith873

#28 I Have Been Making Glass Figures For Several Years Now. I Want To Share This Spider With You, What Do You Think?

Image source: Nikita_GlassSymphony

#29 My Wife Asked Me To Make A Ring Holder

Image source: tirapolo

#30 I Made Watermelephant Ornaments For This Christmas

Image source: Hannahporcelain

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