Clip-On Man Buns Are Finally A Reality

Published 9 years ago

Man buns! No longer confined to the heads of women, buns have invaded manly heads. And with artificial clip on man buns, you too can have one! They’re made from artificial hair (grown on free-range, fair-trade mannequins), and the buns measure 3” wide and 1” tall. They come in various colors, too!

“One of the hottest trends in men’s fashion, the man bun has been popularized by fixed-gear bicyclists and introspective Hollywood actors alike,” write the good people at Groupon. “But although the hairstyle oozes with fashion sense, those who sport it might find themselves outcasts in sports bars, motorcycle gangs, and the annual government-mandated machismo test.” Of course, they’re not the only ones selling man-buns, so you can shop around for variety!

More info: amazon | groupon (h/t: boredpanda)

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