35 Cool And Innovative Products That Might Make You Say “I Didn’t Know I Wanted That”

Published 7 months ago

The internet is a treasure trove of diverse communities catering to every imaginable interest. One such intriguing corner is the “Didn’t Know You Wanted” subreddit, where users share bizarre, unique, and often delightful discoveries that leave you questioning how you lived without knowing about them.

From peculiar products to eccentric hobbies, this community has become a digital space for individuals to showcase the weird and wonderful things that add a spark to our mundane lives.

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#1 An Extra Hand

Image source: hmuberto

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het : “A solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.”

PolymathNecromancer : “Hmmmmmm… maybe… just maybe… I could… pick up the can (gasp) IN MY HAND”

#2 Absolutely Floored With This One!

Image source: mtb8404

Settled for Infamy : “I couldn’t handle this floor sober, add some wine or other nefarious substance and I’d be mind blown.”

#3 Transparent Book Weight

Image source: Vishwasm123

Brittania Kelli : “That would be so good for art reference books!”

#4 This Curtain Design That Ensures That There Is No Annoying Light Gap In The Middle

Image source: Successful_Pomelo701

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het : “These have been around for decades.”

#5 The Window On The Front Door Of This House

Image source: YanniFromPakistanni

Hippopotamuses : “Oh, yes yes yes yes. I definitely need this!”

#6 This Lighter!

Image source: Mohdmawiz

sbj : “Love this!”

#7 Hmmm

Image source: saguaro_jed

JuJu : “I could judge people without moving a muscle…”

#8 Transformer Pen Drive

Image source: Vishwasm123

SheamusFanFrom1987 : “I need Ravage USB drive!”

#9 Gonna Need Some For The Entire Family

Image source: reddit.com

PolymathNecromancer : “This could be kinky”

#10 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words?

Image source: misterpants8

PolymathNecromancer : “Wow, this is cool.”

Hippopotamuses : “Imagine the work that went into selecting the colour palette and setting the colours to the keys.”

#11 It Does Look Cozy

Image source: No-Bear

Brittania Kelli : “This is not a want, it is a need. Like every minute of my life is leading to the moment I can sleep in a sloth hammock. And now I must suffer from eternal ennui knowing that it is a one-off art piece. My soul will never recover.”

#12 Ferrolic Clock

Image source: ABCXYZ123789

Mark : “How does it work?”

#13 ?

Image source: BlubberElk

Mark : “Now imagine that wind is blowing and the entire rack is on fire in 5 minutes”

#14 He’s Right

Image source: kevinowdziej, chronicleflask

Mark : “Don’t drown the dog”

#15 This Homer Meme Rug

Image source: HansenIntercept

sbj : “I want that sofa more”

#16 Pillow

Image source: OldFingerman

sbj : “I keep these little bags that come when I buy a handbag, don’t know why but it’s not because I’m going to eat them”

#17 Sauron Celebrates Christmas Too

Image source: Worth_Advertising_52

Nick (He/Him) : “Mommy, why is the all seeing eye staring into my soul?”

#18 This Shirt Has A Microfiber Lens Cloth Sewn Into It

Image source: Kiaza

sbj : “Love this idea”

#19 I Could Really Use A Bag Like That

Image source:  badtoy1986

Hippopotamuses : “Things like this are in danger of imploding through sheer cuteness.”

#20 Door Mat

Image source: OldFingerman

Astrophile : “Shut up and take my dineros”

No_nuance : “Its like one of those stickers on a cd!”

#21 Defender Of The Kitchen

Image source: J_D_Bridge

Mimi La Souris : “TAKE MY MONEY ! (but buy me some knives :D)”

#22 Former Boat Builder Sculpts Breathtaking Wooden Bathtubs

Image source: 4reddityo

Astrophile : “Yes yep yep”

#23 This Swinging Duck Car Ornament

Image source: RiseIndependent85

PrettyJoyBird : “Kawaī”

#24 This My Little Danny Doll

Image source: kolemenjach

Astrophile : “Everyone needs a lil Danny Trejo on their shoulder, talking into their ear 😊”

#25 Inception Table

Image source: kinkytheturkey

Will Cable : “I can imagine spotting a spider running towards it then spending ages trying to catch it as it runs between the buildings.”

#26 Mother Of Power Outlets

Image source: GreenFeather19991

General Anaesthesia : “The kids have left for college, I presume.”

#27 Ping Pong Tube

Image source: CupertinoHouse

JuJu : “I would love to try it.”

#28 Bender Smoker Insert Meat

Image source: davidwallacecto

Rob Chapman : “Bite my shiny metal a**”

#29 Something For All The 90’s Kids Out There

Image source:  ArwingElite

Astrophile : “Ew where’s the bubble gum, also why would you make the ear pods the colour of dead alien buttholes”

#30 Steamer Boat Lid

Image source: tightlyguard

PolymathNecromancer : “Must… Have… This…”

#31 Thoughtful GF Gift

Image source: just_minutes_ago

sbj : “Hilarious!”

#32 Bruce Lee Clock

Image source: Kooka32081

Mark : “Ministry of Silly Walks wall clock please”

#33 I Don’t Care If Is Kinda Useless, But Come On, Look At These

Image source: BaneAmesta

Auntriarch : “Need!”

#34 My Magneto Paperclip Holder

Image source: spies2020

Astrophile : “You go magneto”

#35 Hey, This Looks Cute

Image source: goldenpuppy767

Realistic Optimist : “This would still scare the s**t out of me when I woke up.”

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