“Nothing Ages You Like Grief”: 35 Things That Add Years To Your Face

Published 10 months ago

While there is a lot to be said about getting older, getting wiser being one of the most important of them, there are certain things which can age us more than others. 

Recently, Redditors gathered online to share their own thoughts on the subject. Sharing those pesky triggers that take a toll on our psyche and bodies to age us, whether it be a physical or mental experience. So scroll to read the most popular responses received based on peoples own real-life experiences. 

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#1 Stress. Grief. Trauma. Mental Illness. Losing a loved one way before their time at a young age (parent/sibling/close friend).

Image source: RoronoaZorro, Anna Shvets

#2 Bad genes – like it or not. Some people smoke and drink their faces off and still look vibrant and healthy. Others eat well and exercise and look tired and lifeless

Image source: Maleficent_Heat_6195, buregina

#3 Fking cancer. Have watched my brother in law age 30 years in a month.

Image source: imapassenger1, Thirdman

Ovata Acronicta:

My grandma looked largely the same for as long as I knew her, til the cancer. She aged with increased rapidity the longer it went on, and the last couple weeks were just…her withering away to nothing. I’m not bothered by anatomy generally, skeletons are cool and all, but I don’t want to see a loved one’s skeleton draped loosely in thin flesh ever again.

#4 For people over 30, their hair style. I dont know why some people, especially women, develop a hair style and stick with it the rest of their lives.

Image source: PatrickMorris, Adam Winger

Rose the Cook : Probably because it suits them and is easy to maintain without costly visits to the hairdresser that they can’t afford.

#5 Staying in a relationship or marriage you’re not happy in. It’s soul draining and the instant it’s over, there’s more relief than grieving for the end of it.

Image source: StrangerDanger_013

Oh Gosh:

So true, couldn’t agree more. recently ended one of these and didn’t shed a tear, but have felt better than I’ve felt in years. I have tons more energy and smile way more. Even started a new business.

#6 Weight loss sometimes adds way more wrinkles.

Image source: AnnTipathy

Ovata Acronicta:

Particularly if a person is “puffy” – my dad after he quit alcohol and dropped 60lbs. He’s looking a bit better now honestly, but that significant weight loss coupled with the swelling reduction had him very wrinkly for a bit. He’s not very old so his skin reverted a fair bit and he stays hydrated.

#7 hair loss. Not me personally but I used to work with a guy who I swore was like 35, and he was 19.

Poor kid.

Image source: Kaiserhawk

#8 Grief, nothing ages you like Grief

Image source: TheGreatGrappaApe, Ben White

#9 Stress.

Image source: gablamegla, Alexander Dummer

Booker (edited): 

For me, stress caused atrial fibrillation, lack of sleep, and high blood pressure. Since I retired and focused on enjoying myself. my atrial fibrillation has markedly decreased (didn’t even know that was possible), I sleep at least 7 hours a night, and my blood pressure has dropped 40 points. Haven’t changed meds, just lifestyles.

#10 Back pain. You can’t move like a young person if your back hurts.

Image source: AdWonderful5920, Karolina Grabowska

#11 Being the victim of a crime, and then having to spend the next two years of your life attending monthly hearings until a court date is decided. Watching the legal system not protect you when he violates restraining orders, gets a DUI and visibly deteriorates, coming to court dirtier and more unkempt each time. Losing friends because they like the offender better and just can’t see…

Image source: minionofjoy, Sandra Dempsey

#12 I just did 4 years in prison and that was f*****g stressful. I feel like I’ve aged a lot

Image source: andrewleecra, Matthew Ansley

#13 Putting two spaces after a period

Image source: coolhwhip777

#14 War. I went from 21 to 31 in 6 months.

Image source: FirstTarget8418, Somchai Kongkamsri

Ditto :

There has never been an answer solved with war and hate, there has never been a winnner in war, yet people still continue, I hate it

#15 Bad plastic surgery.

Image source: lovehopemadness, Igor Starkov

#16 Smoking

Image source: Prestigious_Front384, cottonbro studio

#17 Hatred, harboring bad/sour feelings.

Image source: showmeyournipplesplz, OSPAN ALI

Hakunamawhatnow: Holding a grudge!

#18 Being president. Look at Obama’s hair in 2008 vs 2016!

Image source: falconfetus8, barackobama

Oh Gosh: So true, couldn’t agree more. recently ended one of these and didn’t shed a tear, but have felt better than I’ve felt in years. I have tons more energy and smile way more. Even started a new business.


Platinum blonde hair. I swear it enhances every single line you have in your face even if you’re younger.

Image source: bubblegumwitch23

#20 Being homeless. It’ll make you mature right fast it will.

Image source: vasaryo


Good wishes to all who suffer. I always wonder what billionaires do with those extra 57 bedrooms in their 60 bedroom mansions.

#21 Lack of sleep

Image source: Yasmin947

#22 Working with the general public. Bartender of 21 years and nothing has aged me more than all y’all idiots.

Image source: TimToMakeTheDonuts, Foo Visuals

Booker (edited):

Teacher: The kids are fantastic, the parents, peers, and administration, not so much. It’s both the best and worst thing that ever happened to me.

#23 I think something not talked about a lot is mindset. Like if someone views themselves as old and shouldn’t do this or that, they’re making aging faster for themselves. Affirmations can help.

Image source: Amazing_Top_6530, Engin Akyurt


This. At work I see so many people who have embraced old age and the need to be ‘cared for’ for relatively minor illnesses and disabilities and they actually bring forward their own demise by not keeping active and fit

#24 Dehydration. Sun.

Image source: beautifulfuckingmess, engin akyurt

Harley :

If the alphabet went ABCDEFG and then PQRSTUVWXYZ you would totally get dehydrated. You would be missing H to O.

#25 Having a spouse that contributes nothing to your relationship and allows your family to slip further and further into debt without caring that you’re all only a couple of bills away from bankruptcy.

Image source: Xmenenslaver, RDNE Stock project

#26 The way you dress

Image source: mint_lemxn, Burst

Barbara Kelly: Classic styles are always classy, no matter the age of the wearer.

#27 For men, a moustache. If you look back at the 1980s, you have 25-30 year old men look like they’re in their 40s, and the same is happening again, now.

Women – too much makeup

Image source: eezgorriseadback

Peter H:

Facial hair in general. Shaving off one’s mustache/beard can instantly take 10 years off. But I keep mine, because I *like* looking my age. 👨🏼‍🦳

#28 Children

Image source: Crackerpuppy

#29 Chronic pain

Image source: Timely-Comedian-5367

#30 Too dark of a tan (fake or real).

Image source: LucyVialli, M k

#31 Starving yourself to lose weight. I look so much older in photos from my 20s than I do now at 45.

Image source: Mollysaurus, i yunmai

ShaZam Beaubien: My 11th grade teacher told everyone, “fat feels better in bed”. I have forgotten a lot of information in high school, but that stuck with me.🤣

#32 Depression or general unhappiness in life

Image source: mageking1217

#33 (Multiple) tooth loss

Image source: Successful_Ride6920

ShaZam Beaubien:

I have lost many teeth and I am so self conscious. I don’t have the money to repair it and I have to make sure I don’t smile too big. I used to love to smile and I miss it.

#34 Troubleshooting printer problems. I swear these devilish machines only exist to trigger me to smithereens.

Image source: Philitt, Andrea Piacquadio

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