25 Times A Younger Coworker Made Someone Realise They’re Old As Hell

Published 10 months ago

When we got our first jobs, we were the ones who knew all the cool and hip trends popular amongst the youth. We were the ones who looked around us at our older ‘fossil’ colleagues and thought, we’ll never be like that. 

But time has a way of changing all those notions right quickly and without us even realising it, a younger generation has entered the workforce, making us all feel slightly old. So what interaction with younger colleagues convinced people that they’re not as young as they thought? When one Redditor asked Netizens this question, they were quick to impart their most hilarious experiences as you can see below.

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#1 Had an intern refer to the 90s as ‘the late 1900s’ wtf. its true, but it makes my teenage years sound like the oregon trail or something

Image source: eusapian, Dale de Vera

#2 Various colleagues were debating whether the Concorde had been real. They couldn’t fathom that supersonic civilian aircraft used to exist and now they don’t anymore. The Concorde last flew in 2003, when these colleagues were toddlers.

Image source: geckos_are_weirdos, Gabriel Goncalves

#3 Went grocery shopping and I thought, “Hey, they’re playing some pretty good music.”

Image source: wocketywack, Brittani Burns

#4 When a younger female said she was going to come by “with some incredible tea.” I was profoundly confused and disappointed when she showed up to my office without a calming elixir of the gods and instead proceeded to talk s**t about our co worker.

Image source: JBean85, Content Pixie

#5 When i fell down the last couple of steps on a stairway. No one pointed and laughed like I expected, instead they helped me up and asked me if I was okay. That’s when I knew.

Image source: day_of_duke, Alessia Cocconi


Image source: idiotsarray, Jp Valery

(coworker) hey, a few of us are going out Friday night, wanna come?

(me) sure

(cw) great! Meet at my place at 11.

(me) wait, 11pm?…ok (to myself) that’s when I was planning on going to bed

#7 My childhood cat lived to 21.5 so teaching (freshman biology lab, so students were ~18) became very weird when I realized my cat was older than my students

Image source: mollusck_magic, Roberto Huczek

#8 In trade school, we were doing introductions, saying a little bit about ourselves. One kid says “yeah, I’m really into classic cars, I have a 1997 *something or another*. Me, the other couple older folks, and the instructors all made audible groans of horror.

Image source: IndustrialPigmy, Ash Edmonds

#9 They started calling me “mom” or “Mama bear” on the walkie-talkies. I find it kind of endearing, actually.

Image source: WhoaThere87, Pradamas Gifarry

#10 For me, it’s listening to a much younger group of girls complain about the guys they are hung up on. They are beautiful and young and have aspiring careers and they’ll tell me a story of what a guy did on a date and they’re like “I don’t know what to do!!” And I’m just sitting there like, “are you kidding me? Tell him to go f**k himself and find someone else who values and respects you?” I’m in my 40s now I don’t take s**t any more and my current boyfriend treats me like a queen. I’m always telling them to accept nothing less than absolute princess treatment from a guy. They never listen though.

Image source: anon

#11 Not me but a friend named Jessica (my name is also Jessica) said she was working with a young woman also named Jessica who said “oh wow I’ve never met someone with my same name!” She was 22. If you grew up in the 90s there were so many Jessicas.

Image source: pun__intended

#12 When they absolutely love a “new” song and then I tell them it’s a re-make of a song from 25 years ago. They almost always try to tell me I’m wrong, until I pull up the evidence and then it’s shocked Pikachu face lol.

Image source: _sam_fox_, Henry Be

#13 I’m a (female) computer geek. I was running cables with this guy at work one night, and he kept trying to keep me out of the actual work part. I finally told him ‘I’ve been doing this since before you were born!’ That was about 25 years ago, and as of right now, I’ve been working in the computer field for 44 years.

Image source: INobodyisme, Sigmund

#14 Software engineering manager here. I have team members that have never seen Lord of the Rings.

Image source: meyerjaw, Nikhil Prasad


Image source: watabby, JC Gellidon

I was talking to a coworker about movies and our favorites. I said something like “I watched that movie so much when I had it on tape in my college years”

Her: Tape?

Me: You know, on VCR?

Her: VCR?

Me: Oh well I guess those are old now. Everything is on DVD now.

Her: DVD?

Me: I guess those are old too. I guess Blu-ray is what’s on disc now.

Her: Disc?

Me: Nevemind

She was half joking but nonetheless it made me feel old.

#16 When I was talking to this new delivery driver and we realized I had delivered pizza to his mother in the hospital on the day he was born.

Image source: Divayth–Fyr

#17 Saying Go Go Gadget Arms to a table when reaching for items and getting blank stares in return. Ok listen kids, you have no idea how funny this is. Lol.

Image source: DaisyDuncan2531

#18 Getting a blank stare after saying we’d meet, “Same bat-time, same bat-channel.”

Image source: AvogadrosMoleSauce, Mimi Thian

#19 I’m a preschool teacher. It’s been a TRIP to watch parents go from Soooo much older than me, to the same age as me, and now they’re younger than me!?!?

Image source: Smart_Alex, Gabe Pierce

#20 Left a note for a new hire to call IT to help him set up his work phone and he couldn’t read cursive. Asked me what language I wrote the note in.

Image source: Vast-Celebration-717

#21 Our payroll company went under (luckily not with our money), so for that month, we got real live, honest-to-goodness paper checks. Several co-workers didn’t really know what they were or how they could turn them into money.

Image source: Ambitious-Eye975, Money Knack, www.moneyknack.com

#22 Had a co-worker ask me, “Back before cell phones, did you just have to wait around at your house for a call?” Uh, yeah, pretty much.

Image source: Status-Effort-9380, Kelli McClintock

#23 They were complaining how hard and awkward it is to meet women on Tinder. I asked if they ever had to call a girl at home and her Dad answered the phone. They were horrified. Another time one of my guys asked what a payphone was. We worked at a phone company.

Image source: Zelcron, Christian Lue

#24 Younger dude said his first gaming console was the PlayStation 4, first computer ran windows 8, and had no idea what we meant by dial up or rotary phones. Had to stop and reevaluate my age lol.

Image source: happilystoned42069, Kamil S

#25 When I couldn’t decipher the two youngest coworkers parts of the conversation. I had to search what some words meant.

Image source: Quantum_Yeet, Mimi Thian

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