20 Hilarious DIY Fails Shared By People On This Facebook Page

Published 1 year ago

Hey there, craft enthusiasts! We all know that crafting can be an absolute blast. It’s a chance to let our creative juices flow and create something truly unique.

But hey, let’s face it, not all DIY projects are winners. In fact, some are downright questionable. So, get ready to chuckle, cringe, and maybe even feel a bit confused as we dive into the hilarious world of “That’s It, I’m Craft Shaming” on Facebook. Check out some of their hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Shaming Whoever Thinks They Can Sell This St. Louis Cardinals Tumbler On Etsy For $35.00 (With $10.00 Shipping)

Image source: Katie Oxby

#2 Posting Anonymous So I Don’t Get Booted From The Group I Saw It In. Someone In The Comments Said “Why Does The After Photo Look Like The Before Pic?”. I Don’t Think The Husband Is Wrong Here

Image source: anon

#3 Posting Anon So As Not To Be Kicked From The Group But I Will Never Understand Sealing Poop In Resin

Image source: anon

#4 Fb Marketplace Find By An “Emerging Local Artist”

Image source: Sionainn McFarland

#5 Just Check The Profile Pic Of The Seller

Image source: Jenny Coker

#6 Posting Anon In Case They’re In Here

Image source: anon

#7 This Is The Predator Mask She Wants $150 For

Image source: anon

#8 Kinda Looks Like The Grinch

Image source: anon

#9 For The Person Who Has Everything?

Image source: anon

#10 Found At A Thrift Store. I…i… I Mean, What?!

Image source: Jamye Carr

#11 $100 And It Can Be Yours!

Image source: Anna Elizabeth

#12 Found In A Thrift Store. (Not By Me) I’m A Rock Hound For Sure But Why?

Image source: Teresa Getsinger-Roderick

#13 ???

Image source: Christina OG

#14 Funny Bad Crafts

Image source: anon

#15 This Looks Disgusting

Image source: Jane Warner Barakat

#16 ? $125?

Image source: Libi Tschetter

#17 Saw This On Another Group And I Think It Belongs Here

Image source: Jaqui Gillard

#18 Funny Bad Crafts

Image source: anon

#19 We Need To Address This

Image source: anon

#20 It’s Not Clear If This Person Made The Hat, Just Added The Beads To An Existing Hat Or Is Just Pointing Out That It’s A Hat With Beads. Regardless, A Perfectly Fine Hat Was Ruined

Image source: Sonia Bowen

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