‘DiWHY’: People In This Online Community Are Sharing Their Hilarious DIY Fails (30 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

If you have tried creating any DIY project, you probably know that it’s not as easy as it seems. People usually see something and think “Oh I can make this!” but when they try their hands on it, they end up getting a lousy result. No one can create something perfect for the first time. Maybe not even a second or third time!

Failures are a part of the process of learning. And sometimes it’s a source of entertainment too! The r/DiWHY is a subreddit where people laugh at their own creations by posting pictures of their funny fails to entertain others. Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 I Wouldn’t Tell Anyone I Won The Lottery… But There Would Be Hints

Image source: READlbetweenl

#2 You Can Do Many Things That Is Not This

Image source: ybbaaabby, twitter.com

#3 Just Because You Can

Image source: IndianaRN

#4 This Subreddit’s Title Says It All

Image source: only-an-entity

#5 Up For Some Spam?

Image source: The_Pranavster

#6 Because It Gets Hot In The Workshop And There’s No Ac

Image source: neuroticsmurf

#7 Ah Yes, The Classic Baby Lamb Seasonal Decor!

Image source: SirZanee

#8 “And When The Sun Hit The Porch Just Right, The Rocks Sing”

Image source: vorpalpickle

#9 Biblically Accurate Furby

Image source: Christinedrink

#10 I’m No Electrician, But I Think I’ve Solved The Mystery Of Why Changing The Lightbulbs Didn’t Work

Image source: gardenpea

#11 Your Grand Kids With Cherish These… Or Bury Them In The Backyard

Image source: cllrbattley, twitter.com

#12 Ouch

Image source: esseeayen

#13 Friend Of Mine Told Me To Post This Here. My Glorious 0.5$ Drawing Glove

Image source: PuffedRabbit

#14 Flood Preparations????

Image source: discojon84

#15 All Mail Is Nuked For 10 Seconds To Destroy Any Tracking Or Listening Devices Put There By A Vague Yet Menacing Government Agency

Image source: vermithrax

#16 Socks For Human Beings

Image source: Nintendophile79

#17 DIY And 5 Minute Crafts In A Nutshell

Image source: officialunitedstates, officialunitedstates.tumblr.com

#18 The Gaming Chair

Image source: Gurtek86

#19 This Tyre Tube Face Mask

Image source: Gurtek86

#20 Nail Polish Heel..

Image source: toocoolforuwc

#21 Jairs

Image source: scrith

#22 My Moms Boyfriend Built An Outdoor Pisser So He Doesn’t Have To Use The Fence Anymore

Image source: YUH80808

#23 It Was Suggested I Share My Resin Encased Sausage Here

Image source: kaylynstar

#24 I Just Spent $2 Worth Of Duct Tape To Fix A $1 Backscratcher. Totally Worth It

Image source: dave999dave

#25 Hmmmm

Image source: spad160

#26 Absolutely Disgusting

Image source: desoaps

#27 Don’t Worry, No Smell

Image source: DragonSin1313

#28 My Younger Brother (11) Has Inexplicably Hot-Glued Colourful Buttons To Random Keys On His Keyboard

Image source: schartzmuggle

#29 Repurposed Jeans :(

Image source: Regallybeagley

#30 My Mom Bought A New House And This Is What The Previous Owners Did To The Pool!

Image source: ThePwningKiller

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Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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