Popular Brand Logos Made More Eco-Friendly Using Less Ink

Published 7 years ago

The ideas of conservation have been penetrating almost every aspect of our lives for a while now. And recently there was an introduction of another one called Ecobranding, which suggest big brands, who put their logos on millions of products every year, to make small adjustments in their logos and save dramatically on paint.

This conceptual experiment shows that changing the logos just slightly, you can reduce the amount of paint needed by 20% or in some cases even more. And when you multiply this by every product, printed ad, billboard and so on, you’re looking at a meaningful number. And that’s not even mentioning that some of those logos look even better with less dye in them.

Which ones do you prefer? Originals or these?

More info: ecobranding (h/t: designtaxiboredpanda)

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Did you know that printer ink costs twice as much as Chanel N°5?

Ecobranding aims to reduce that cost by using less ink in logos

This will also reduce the environmental impact of printing millions of logos




Coca Cola



Luis Vuiton



How do you think these examples compare to the originals?


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