36 Logos With Hidden Symbolism

Published 14 years ago

Good logos, as Henderson and Cote (1998) argue, should: speed brand recognition through provoking memory, and give rise to recognition about a familiar set of associations linked to the correct brand.

A good way to do so is by giving viewers a little puzzle to solve. Because everyone likes puzzles, right? When viewers get the hidden message behind the logo, not only there’s  this instant satisfaction feeling, but also the logo sticks into their heads, and hopefully communicates the right message.

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1. Van Cliburn (Pianist)

2. Spartan Golf Club

(Designer: lexlogo)

3. Up

An arrow showing up forms a letter “u” and also has a hidden “p” inside. (Designer: m1sternoname)

4. 90 Percent

The logo looks like number “90” and “%” at the same time. (Designer: Action Designer)

5.  Zip

(Designer: logomotive)

6.  Wine Searcher

It looks like binoculars and bottles of wine at the same time.  (Designer: Itsgareth)

7.  Twins

Letter “N” looks like number 2, symbolizing twins. (Designer: Actiondesigner)

8. Threesome

9. Sushi

Letter “H” looks like chopsticks picking a sushi. (Designer: Type08)

10. Shocked

The socket’s expression says it all. (Designer: Fogra)

11. Fresh Fruit Baskets

The basket in the logo is made of  fresh orange slices. (Designed by: Siah Design)

12. Push the Bottle

You can see a hand pushing a button inside the bottle. (Designer: Hemisferiod)

13. Pencil

Letters “i” and “l” form a pencil. (Designer: reghardt)

14. Pelican

You can find a pelican silhouette inside the letter “p”.

15. NBC

There’s a hidden peacock looking to the right representing the company’s motto to look forward, and not back.

16. Mister Cutts

The scissors are transformed to look like a face with glasses and mustache. (Designer: Tabitha Kristen)

17. Mosleep

Mosleep is an organization of doctors that deals with people having sleeping disorders. The logo is their intial ‘M’ that was designed to also look like a bed. (Designer: Muamer)

18. Killed Productions

Letter “i” is lying as if it was killed. (Designer: Ethereal)

19. Yoga Australia

Woman is making a pose that forms the Australian continent between her leg and her arm.

20. Iron Duck

A hanger looks like a duck. (Designer: Siah Design)

21. Half

(Designer: wunjo)

22. FedEx

If you look closer you’ll notice the right-pointing arrow in between the ‘E’ and the ‘x’, representing precision and speed at which FedEx works.

Update: Anyone else see the spoon in “Fed” of Fedex? (@lissnup)

23. F*ck!

A bit provocative logo against Nazism and racism. (Designer: Karl Design)

24. Families

Those 3 letters in the middle ‘i’, ‘l’, and second ‘i’ represent a family (father, mother and a child, or 2 fathers and a child in some countries)

25. Formula 1

Empty space in the middle creates a number “1″ for “Formula 1″

26. Elefont

There’s an elephant trunk inside the letter “e”. (Designer: m1sternoname)

27. Ed’s Electric

The letter “E” is incorporated between plugs.

28. Cafe Click

Coffee steam is made of mouse pointers (Designer: Leo)

29. City Direct

“Notice how the space around the plane forms the letters C and D.” (Tobias) (Designer: Logomotive)

30. Circus of Magazines

Circus tent looks like a magazine (more like a book to me, but still very clever). (Designer: logotomy)

31. Bird

Letter “B” is also a bird.

32. Bipolar

The Logo depicts ambiguous emotions. (Designer: Siah Design)

33. To Beat or not to Beat

The question mark is made of a belt.

34. Barcode

Notice that the word “bar” is darker. (Designer: Sean Heisler)

35. Backspace

Just looking at the logo makes you want to press “backspace” and correct the typo. (Designer: JoePrince)

36. Amazon

The arrow from A to Z, symbolizes what Amazon is known for selling everything from “a to z” . It also serves as a smile, making the company feel friendly and approachable.

For more check out the logos With Hidden Symbolism PART II

Letters “c” are also cat’s eyes. (Designer: vasvari)

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