Woman Celebrates Her First Day Working At Pixar After Dreaming About It For Years

Published 4 years ago

Sometimes your dreams can appear so distant, you begin doubting if you’ll ever achieve them. Then one day, after countless hours of hard work and dedication you begin to realize that this might be it – the home stretch. Everything you worked all that time is finally within reach and you get so overwhelmed by happiness you just want to share it with the world. This has recently happened to animator Janel Drewis. The woman always dreamt of becoming an animator at Pixar and after over a decade of hard work, she has finally achieved her dream!

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Animator Janel Drewis achieved her dream of becoming an animator at Pixar after years of hard work

Image credits: the_jan_man

Janel shared photos of herself ten years ago and on her first day at Pixar on Twitter, and people were overwhelmingly supportive, liking her post over 1.2 M times.

Janel shared a photo of herself in front of Pixar Animation Studios with the caption “One day!” back in 2009

Image credits: the_jan_man

Back in 2009, when Janel had just started her arts bachelor, she shared a picture of herself in front of the Pixar Animation Studios with the caption “One day!”.

And nearly a decade later she shared one with the caption “Day one”

Image credits: the_jan_man

And after over a decade of hard work, that “one day” has finally arrived!

People found Janel’s post very inspiring

Image credits: atlasmother

Image credits: SphinxLair

Janel’s post inspired many others to never give up on achieving their own dreams.

And everyone congratulated her on her achievement

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Image credits: LinkedIn

Image credits: Caith_Sith

Image credits: the_jan_man

Image credits: jchensor

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