Five characteristics of quality watches

Published 8 years ago

Irrespective of genders, we all love using fashion accessories while dressing up for work or for a party. Generally, women have a broad selection of things to adorn themselves, whereas men have fewer options when it comes to accessorizing the overall attire. Belts, tie pin and cufflink sets and watches are a few common enhancers men use in routine life. Among them all watches sits on the top, as it is the only jewelry piece a gentleman can wear fearlessly whether he is formally dressed up for the party or he is in casual T-shirt and his favourite denim jeans. This shows how important they are in a man’s life. They are so obsessed about with quality and brand. It’s hard to find a man who agreed to wear a fake piece. It’s like a real gadget for a man that not only the style statement, but also a status symbol.

Whether you are going to buy first branded gadget or a high-end luxury time telling device, it is necessary to understand and identify the characteristics of a quality gadget.

Weight shows the reliability. A true timer should be heavy enough to give a real feel. The weight is due to mechanical components. They consume enough material and space, which results in increasing the overall weight. When a person puts on the real chronometer, he will feel wearing a genuine, not a lightweight toy.

Movement, top quality wristwatches like Omega watches,never make that telltale “tick-tock” voices while sweeping. Smooth and silent hand movement shows the quality craftsmanship and finest materials used in the making. The internal mechanism is extremely fine-tuned and well assembled to move flawlessly without making a ticking sound.

Particular name, hundreds of watchmakers producethousands of timers either with a specific name or no name. Naming and endorsing their inventions via celebrities and events is an old tradition of branded manufacturers. Whenever you are going to purchase a high-end piece, don’t forget to check the name.

Is it a Swiss Brand? We all knowthat Switzerland is world renowned for manufacturing the high-end chronometers with finest movements. The Swiss Government has set up stringent standards for checking hand movements. Only the devices that are made, cased and analyzed for their movements are allowed to carry the tag of Swiss made. However, other brands that are manufactured anywhere across the world using the same movements can be named as “Swiss Movement”.

Functional accuracy, no matter how multifunctional it is, if it is not able to perform the primary function of telling time accurately, then it cannot be listed in quality devices. To enhance precision, manufacturers prefer using Quartz movement that runs automatically. In contrast to that mechanical watches are still considered as the standard of luxury due to the complexity of their mechanism. The most precise mechanical pieces are made in Switzerland, where they undergo rigorous quality checks under the standards.

Summary: Perhaps you find yourself exceptionally capable of understanding and analyzing watches for these quality features, always purchase a high-end watch from reputable dealers to avoid buying the fake.

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