Trendy watch types to keep in personal collection

Published 8 years ago

Despite being neglected to a significant extent after the invention of smartphones and smart watches, gentlemen and ladies who really know the art of dressing up truly aware with the importance of wearing a classy wristwatch. Those who love wearing them on their wrists, understand the basic rule of putting on this. There is a whole variety available for both the genders. Every model is purposefully assembled to execute diversified needs of the individuals belong to the different profession. For example, a diver or sportsman generally prefers wearing a digital timepiece while he/she is on the sports field. Obviously, it’s not possible to put on the same in the dinner party. This makes necessary to keep different kinds of time telling devices to wear according to the event. If you start a random search on your PC to find out the list of different types available for sale, you may find endless options. They are not only different due to their appearance, but also because of their functionalities and movement mechanism. It’s not possible and not logical to buy all of them, even if you can afford.

Experts have simplified things for common users, after compiling the must have watches almost everyone can afford to purchase. Following are the five trendy types a person should have in his/her collection, if he/she wants to find a perfect piece to wear every time on every occasion.

Leather strapped dress watches listed on the top due to their slim design, metal casing, simplicity and affordability. Whether you are getting ready for the office or for a formal dinner or a casual meeting with friends and business event with corporate professionals, you can confidently wear it every time without any doubts.

Fashion pieces, can be easily accommodated on multiple occasions with a variety of dressing options. Their larger case and metal bands make them ideal to use for formal and casual events and occasions. Pantheon steel watch by Gucci Watchescan be efficiently used on almost every occasion.

Activity-Specific gadgets, these are the pieces that are manufactured with certain built-in features like water, pressure and heat resistance to work with precession under the extremes of circumstances. They look extremely trendy with large dials with bigger numerals. As they are purposefully made to offer some functionality, they are little expensive. As long as you afford, you can enjoy wearing the same. All you need to do is to wear them on the right situation, not on the formal event.

Rubber strapped sport chronometers, they can be either digital or analog, often weigh lighter due to rubber and nylon straps. You may not be the sportsman by profession, you can still use it at the gym, poolside and jogging at the track. Their sports related features like lap-timer, compass, countdown timer and chronograph features make it fun to have for those who love keeping techy gadgets.

Everyday casual wristbands, considerably smaller face, durable metal casing, nylon, rubber or metal straps not only gives them diversity, but also make them easy to wear and care. You can put on this kind of bands anytime, anywhere casually. It goes well on a casual weekend dressing yoga pants with T-shirt or denim jeans with a buttoned shirt. Whether you are going to the grocery or to see a movie, you can conveniently wear the same without worrying about the damages. As they are very affordable to purchase.

Summary: The art of collecting the right kind of watches for personal use, primarily lies behind understanding your own lifestyle needs. Once you have an idea about the events and occasion to wear a wristwatch, you can successfully create the efficient collection you may be proud to show.

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