Folks Are Sharing The Worst ‘Food Crimes’ They’ve Seen (20 Pics)

Published 1 year ago

Cooking can be experimental and fun. But choosing to go down such a path is also volunteering to expose oneself to others’ opinions, especially when you share them online. 

Cue the ‘Food Crimes’ which Redditors were quick to share when asked about their experiences of being served or seeing questionable food choices that deserved to be mocked and shamed. Scroll below to see some of these bizarre dishes people have had the imagination to come up with and tell us which ones you would dare to try.

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Image source: space_tripping_vato, Takanori Ishikawa

I just had a coworker tell me he puts sugar in with his spaghetti nothing else


Image source: Threeloudkids, Yulia Goncharuk

Putting ice cubes in milk. My daughter does this and it drives me nuts. There’s nothing worse than watery milk.


Image source: nakedreader_ga, [deleted]

My brother was allergic to cow’s milk when we were younger. I have witnessed him pour orange juice into his cereal and eat it.


Image source: HardwareLust, Elina Sazonova

My aunt stirs a spoonful of sugar into her glass of red wine. Now that is a new one for me, and it’s unforgivable. An ice cube in wine is pretty common, but sugar in your wine? Absolutely not.


Image source: ehwhoknowss, Kyle McDonald

I saw someone eat pineapples with Mayo once at school and it should be considered a war crime


Image source: phuqo5, fcdjr

My mom used to make this s**t called pear salad. It was canned pears topped with a huge pile of shredded cheddar cheese and either mayonnaise or sour cream. I’ve never tried it. It looks as unappetizing as physically possible to me. She loves it.

Also I once spent an hour making mushroom risotto and my roommate doused it in ranch. I’m still not over that.


Image source: RydNightwish, Cats Coming

My mother microwaves salad.

Not a meat or egg or other salad.

Salad made up of plants. In the microwave. For 60 seconds.


Image source: YukiHase, TheInvertedFan

Throwing out foods that are cosmetically imperfect even though they’re perfectly fine to eat. I say this since my sister does it. If she finds a single wilted green in her tub of lettuce, she’ll throw the whole thing out.


Using cauliflower as a ‘healthy’ ingredient replacement and saying it tastes the same. Cauliflower is a great vegetable. You can make rice out of it, you can use it to bulk up a curry, you can slice and roast or fry it. But it tastes like cauliflower. It’s never going to taste like potato or rice or meat. So let’s not pretend. You’re always going to be disappointed when it doesn’t taste as good.

Image source: fourbearants


Image source: yurachika,

I didn’t try it, so I might be unfair, but those 50s-70s cookbooks with jelloed everything, like big jelloed roasts and jelloed mayonnaise salads really freak me out. I don’t know if it actually tastes good, but it seems pretty heinous to me


Image source: ConstableToad, mandingobigdick

Multiple open packages of the exact same food.


Image source: Yossarian287, masterwes0

People who ‘don’t like leftovers’.


Image source: gerardkimblefarthing

There was an old recipe card… I dry heave to even think of it… Baked whole bananas, wrapped in ham, smothered with hollandaise.


Image source: Clatuu1337, ManufacturerNo1906

When I was younger my older brother would eat mustard and nutella sandwiches.


Image source: NastySassyStuff, FascistSqualodon

My neighbor used to pull all the cheese off her pizza and cover it in ketchup


Image source: Forhaver, Neil Tackaberry

Not something I’ve seen, but my parents said when I was 4 I’d sneak into the doritos, lick all the powder off some chips, and put them back in the bag.

When my parents would try to eat some, they’d suddenly be horrified by grabbing a cold and soggy chip.


This is my own food crime confession: I really love to eat lemons as you would eat an orange or a clementine — by peeling it and eating the whole thing. For some reason I love the sourness. Of all my strange food preferences, this one really causes witnesses to cringe.

Image source: discountFleshVessel


Image source: jbpsign, Sigrid Sixl

I had a gf that would eat butter from the stick. Like a candy bar.


Image source: Judas_Feast, French Cooking Academy


Chopped tomatoes in bechamel? That’s just Mormon queso.


Image source: onehitwondur, Artem Podrez

Making a burger that is so fat I can’t fit my mouth around it. I want to be able to taste all of the toppings in each mouthful without ingredients falling out of the bun.

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